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It’s out with the old and in with the new. The days where customers wait in long lines to check out, return items, or talk to an associate are over. Today, associates come to you on the sales floor with an omnichannel approach.

A mobile POS offers many capabilities. From searching for an item in stock to completing a transaction, it provides a seamless encounter, ultimately enhancing the customer experience.

A total of 73% of buyers point to a customer experience as an essential factor in their purchasing decisions. 

Mobile POS devices enhance customer engagement by allowing employees to answer their questions and meet their other needs from anywhere to merchandise aisles in stores or via the customer’s home.

A mobile POS system offers features and connections delivered in real time across multiple devices. Your store can increase sales by 30% with digital capabilities that sell and connect with customers in unique ways.

Let’s look at six benefits your store could take advantage of with mobile POS system capabilities.

Mobile Point Of Sale Functionality

A mobile POS allows associates to be by the customer’s side throughout the whole shopping experience. Meaning the POS is no longer limited to one station.

If the customer questions what’s in stock, there’s no more running to the POS to check. The inventory is directly in the associate’s hands, minimizing time spent at the POS and adding the additional value of personable customer service.

As many as 94% of consumers tend to buy more when they have an in-person interaction with a knowledgeable employee.

Additionally, a mobile POS speeds up the sales process. Giving associates all of the information they need in their hands is revolutionary.

A mobile POS provides real-time data analytics and reporting. Insights like these are critical when measuring your store’s performance.

It lets you see whether people in your store are buying specific products and what other products are sitting in their shopping carts. Having thorough insight is a key selling point because associates can target particular customers with their favorite items.

A mobile POS offers associate and customer capabilities ranging from mobile checkout and endless aisle to clienteling and curbside pickup.

Mobile Checkout

Now, customers can checkout on the sales floor, curbside, or their home with a mobile POS. Instead of waiting in a long line, the associate comes to the customer leading to a fast and efficient checkout process.

In such a scenario, a sales representative with a mobile POS solution can help the customer avoid waiting in lines and checkout much more quickly, right from the store aisle. Lines get incredibly long during the holidays, so this is a huge benefit.

Many customers prefer a contactless payment option. Due to the pandemic, 87% of shoppers prefer to shop in stores with touchless or self-checkout options. Mobile checkout allows customers to use their mobile wallets, such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

These mobile contactless payments are easy to implement, less expensive, convenient to accept NFC payments anywhere, and help integrate value-added services, such as loyalty and offers.

Implementing mobile checkout cuts operational costs related to staffing and the purchase and maintenance of expensive equipment. It can free up valuable retail space in the front of the store by removing POS terminals.

Inventory And Endless Aisle

All associates had experienced a time when an item was out of stock at their store.

Wanting to find an immediate solution, the associate suggests looking online or calling another store location without prior knowledge of what is in stock. This takes some time and can be frustrating for the customer, especially if they travel to those locations and the item is still unavailable. The result is a significant loss in that sale and potential future ones.

With Mad Mobile’s endless aisle, an associate or customer can find an item in another store, warehouse, or online if an item is not available in-store. Having this type of inventory in the hands of the associate or customer offers a streamlined sale.

There are also flexible delivery options with endless aisle. Customers can choose from multiple delivery options, including at-home delivery, in-store pickup, or curbside pickup. Implementing these alternatives is beneficial for your business and customers.

Today, customers have many choices when it comes to receiving the goods they buy online. This has led to a total change in attitude toward how delivery should work.

A mobile POS with these features can track and manage inventory, send alerts when stock is low, and even automate reordering, all in seconds.

Endless aisle is a critical feature to have at your business because it ultimately saves a sale. A Business 2 Community survey says that 69% of consumers expect that store associates be armed with a mobile device to perform immediate and straightforward tasks such as looking up product information and checking inventory.


Clienteling is the perfect solution to create a personalized and profitable customer experience. It allows associates to communicate with customers in real time, in-store, or from their home via text, chat, or email. Omnichannel involving SMS campaigns have a conversion rate of almost 50%.

Not every store goes by the same sizing, so it can be difficult for customers to remember their sizes at specific stores.

For example, it can especially be difficult if the customer struggles to remember their ring size because every finger is essentially a different size. With clienteling, an associate can access a customer’s profile and determine the sizing for these specific customers.

Clienteling offers everything the associate needs to know about the customer. This solution gives the associate access to complete customer profiles, previous purchases, sizing, customer preferences, and more. It is a 360-degree view of the customer, equipped with tools to build customer relationships and increase sales.

Other functionalities, such as promotions and loyalty programs, can also be more directly communicated with customers using sales associate apps and the brand’s native app.

In-store kiosks accommodate customers who don’t want an associate’s help but want an enhanced experience. With these kiosks, customers can easily access their wish lists, read product reviews, and view recommended products and offers that can be tailored to a current store visit or made available across any channel.


Assisted Selling

Assisted selling allows the associate to initiate sales through an omnichannel approach with the customer.

This personalized experience can be in-store, through the website, or via virtual appointments.

Customer loyalty is generated through assisted selling because it shows that the associate cares about their needs and wants. Consumers are most likely to trust a business that makes it easy to contact people at the company.

Virtual appointments allow face-to-face selling when the customer cannot get to the store. Customers can real-time chat with associates on product questions. Assisted selling enables customers in-store product viewing and purchasing through video.

An alternative shopping experience, like virtual selling, is an effective solution in today’s contactless driven world. Vidyard found that the use of one-to-one video exploded with an increase from 7% in 2019 to 40% in 2020, representing a 471% increase year-over-year.



Many customers prefer to shop online but don’t want to wait or pay for the delivery fee. Curbside pickup allows customers to buy items online and pick them up in or at the store. BOPIS cuts down the 3-5 business day delivery process, and there’s no delivery fee when the item is purchased.

Buy online, pickup in-store (BOPIS) meets customer expectations for fast service and allows retailers to compete against fast delivery brands like Amazon. It bridges the gap between online and offline and facilitates a customer-focused shopping experience.

Not only is BOPIS beneficial for customers, but buy online, return in-store (BORIS) is too. The return process is much easier than packing everything up, getting a return label, and shipping it out. With BORIS, the returns and exchange are a streamlined process. It allows the associate to help save the sale and suggest something similar that the customer might like.

A surveyed 61% of retailers say BOPIS and BORIS are at the top of their omnichannel plans and investments.


Adopting a mobile POS for stores will streamline operations and increase profits. It gives associates the advantage of meeting customers’ needs and personalizing a sale, ultimately creating a loyal customer. A mobile POS doesn’t just benefit the customer but the overall business as well.

By 2025, mobile POS payments are predicted to reach $4,650,556 million and will have about 1,890.33 million users.

Mad Mobile empowers your associates with a mobile POS system to sell more and increase customer satisfaction. Embracing these digital capabilities allows your associates to connect with customers in new ways, growing 20-30% of sales.

The mobile point of sale technology enables stores not to get rid of their existing systems but to achieve mobility by extending their current systems. Give your store the tools to succeed with Mad Mobile’s Retail POS Solution.

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