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Easy and convenient financing with CAKE Capital

Manage your restaurant finances and cover unexpected costs with our convenient financing options.

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How it works

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Check your eligibility

Login to the CAKE admin portal and check to see if you’re pre-approved.

Customize your terms

Review the terms and choose an appropriate advance amount and payback duration.

Accept your financing offer

Agree to terms and conditions to accept your cusotmized offer. Payment can then be monitored in your Admin Dashboard.

Quick capital based on previous sales

Through our partnership with Parafin, a financing provider, we’re able to offer you quick access to capital, based on previous sales through CAKE’s platform.

No fees
No recurring fees
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No hidden charges
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No pre-payment penalties

Easy payment

After accepting an offer, quickly access your payment dashboard in your CAKE admin portal. Payments are taken as a percentage of your restaurant sales (dependent on terms you choose during eligibility).

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Who is Parafin?

Parafin is a finance partner who focuses on small businesses. Mad Mobile has partnered with Parafin to provide funding to merchants. All financing and payment is governed by Parafin’s terms and conditions. To learn more abuot Parafin, visit

Who is eligible for CAKE Capital?

Eligibility for financing through CAKE Capital is currently limited to select merchants with a sustained sales history through our platform. New merchants are not immediately qualified for the CAKE Capital program.

What fees are included?

Your total payment of a CAKE Capital offer includes:

  1. The total cash advance requested
  2. A one-time fee

What are the interest rates?

CAKE Capital is considered a cash advance, not a loan. Your payment will not include interest.

What is the payment schedule?

Payment durations are solely dependent on the terms and conditions you accept when reviewing your offer. Payment schedules are typically between 6-9 months.

Can I pay the advance early?

Yes, your CAKE Capital offer can be paid early, at no extra cost to you, but this is not required. Payment is automatically collected each month based on the sales percentage you agreed to while selecting your terms.

Does CAKE Capital affect your credit score?

No, your Capital offer will not affect your credit score. There are no credit checks during the approval process, and we do not require guarantees to get an offer for your restaurant.

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