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Restaurant gift cards

Drive new business with physical and digital gifts for your restaurant.

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Boost your sales with restaurant gift cards

New revenue stream

Add an additional revenue stream to your restaurant with digital and physical gift cards.

Easy reload and reuse

Guests can quickly check balances and reload gift cards without assistance.

Integrated into POS

Gift cards are integrated into your POS and can be used either in-store or online.

Increasing order values

More than 70% of customers will spend more than available on a gift card.

  • Offer physicals cards – Order custom physical gift cards to sell at the point of sale or through a drive through.
  • Digital gift cards – Allow guests to buy and use gift cards through CAKE’s online ordering platform
Customer ordering something online with a credit card
customer handing associate a gift card

Easy gift card management

Make it easy for guests to manage their gift cards, while driving additional revenue for your business.

  • Balance management – Guests can review gift card balances online and add additional funds whenever needed.
  • Detailed reporting – Cloud reporting through our CAKE POS allows you to analyze gift card sales and redemptions.

Connecting your restaurant into one easy-to-use platform

These products pair well with CAKE Gift Cards and help drive revenue to your business.


Connect your restaurant with our cloud-based Point of Sale.

Online ordering

Guests can pay for online orders with gift cards.


Redeem gift cards at kiosk locations in your restaurant.

Loyalty solution

Guests earn loyalty points with gift card orders online and in-store.

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