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Kitchen display system

CAKE’s Kitchen Display System (KDS) connects directly to your POS, giving your BOH staff ultimate visibility for order management.

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Kitchen Display Screen

Seamlessly connect front of house to back of house

Integrated into Your POS

Connect directly to your CAKE POS and send order to kitchen staff in seconds.

Easily route orders

Whether dine-in, online, or take out, route orders to the right stations in your kitchen.

Deliver great experiences

Servers are notified when orders are hot and ready, delivering the best experience possible.

Gain better visibility into orders

  • Connect your entire restaurant – Fire orders from your POS, kiosks, or tablets and have your kitchen staff prepping within seconds.
  • Online ordering – Online orders are pushed into your POS and fired to the kitchen when ready to be prepped for delivery.
Chef cooking with Kitchen Display System above him showing orders
Kitchen Display Screen

Streamline every ticket

  • Efficient order routing – Route orders to prep stations and line cooks, no matter if the order came from in-store or online.
  • Order queue management – Less stress counting tickets, give your chefs time back to focus on the food at hand.
  • Offline mode – Ensure your kitchen can keep running if the internet is lost; our kitchen display system and POS will stay in sync.

Technology built with restaurants in mind

  • Never miss a ticket – Tickets are displayed digitally, so you’ll never lose a ticket on the counter or trash.
  • Send order modifiers – Carry over modifiers and allergens from your POS screen. Kitchen staff can quickly see what to remove or avoid when completing an order.
  • Easy to understand UI – Easy to use and understand user interface lets your staff worry about food and not how to read or bump orders.

Chef cooking with Kitchen Display System above him showing orders

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