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CAKE Guest Manager

Improve how your restaurant manages its reservations and waitlist, while enhancing table management and optimizing the customer experience.

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CAKE Reservation and Waitlist solution showing reservation calendar view

Optimize your waitlist process

Reduce no-shows and give guests the flexibility they want.

Accept reservations online or by phone

Capture reservation data through Google, your website, or by phone.

Build the perfect floor map

Create the perfect flow with customized views that servers can read at a glance.

Optimize your guest waitlist

Give guests the flexibility they want, while making every guest feel like a VIP.

  • Real-time view of your floor map to provide accurate wait times.
  • Visit history lets you greet with a personal touch.
  • Make better decisions at the host stand with guest preferences and special occasions.
CAKE Waitlist view
CAKE Reservations and Waitlist table layout view

Say goodbye to laminated sheets and markers

Make it a piece of cake to optimize host operations, increase table turns, and raise revenue.

  • Seat parties quicker and spread guests evenly to keep staff happy.
  • Use custom indicators and timers to share important information across your FOH team.
  • Provide accurate wait times and text confirmations when tables are ready to go.

Reservation management made easy

Accept reservations on the phone and enter them directly on the iPad, or take them online from your website or Facebook page.

CAKE’s direct integration with Google reservations makes it easy for a customer to search your name, and make a reservation directly on the search result page.

Restaurant host showing customers to their table

Seat more guests

Virtual waitlist screen as a customer and as a server

Monthly subscription with unlimited usage



+ $199 due at signing

Compatible models
iPad, iPad mini
Wifi connection required
Supported browsers
Chrome, Safari
Not included
Online account management
SMS text message to any phone

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