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All-in-one restaurant POS

Easy-to-use restaurant management software and POS system. Our suite of tools makes it a piece of CAKE to grow your business.

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Elevate your restaurant experience

Create better connections and attract customers with seamless transactions and dining experiences. See how CAKE POS can work for you.

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Manage Orders

Online orders go straight to the POS for fast, accurate service.

Delivery Savings

Eliminate paying 15-20% in commission fees from third-party services.

Curbside Pickup

Hassle-free management with two-way texting to keep guests informed.

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Point of Sale

Take orders and payments faster and make on-the-fly menu edits.

Tableside Ordering

Servers can take orders and payments 2-3 times faster per table.

QR Code Order & Pay

Customers can scan a QR code and order/pay from their phones.


Track points and rewards that keep customers coming back.

Isometric drawing of restaurant front of house and back office
Guest Management

Enjoy better host operations, faster table turns, and online reservations.

Menu Integration

Automate your full menu, pricing, and promotions.

Table Management

Enhance daily service with your floor map and assign servers accordingly.

Kitchen Display System

Streamline order management and reduce order errors.

Isometric drawing of restaurant front of house and back office
Contactless Options

Accept mobile payments on tablets or through customer’s phones.

Accept All Forms

In addition to traditional forms of payment, accept Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Safe & Secure

Payments that are safe, secure, and PCI Compliant.

The POS that connects it all

Take orders and payment on the fly with our top-rated, simple-to-use point of sale. Explore the features of CAKE’s POS:

  • Online ordering with contactless curbside pickup and delivery
  • Accessibility to track real-time reports from anywhere
  • PCI compliant secure payment processing with transparent simple pricing
  • Integrated loyalty program to keep customers coming back
Collection of new CAKE POS terminal showing ordering interface, iPad and iPhone showing CAKE Online Ordering

Drive repeat visits, profits, and growth


CAKE Delivery

Keep operations in-house and streamline your restaurant’s delivery with our integrated services.


Marketing & Loyalty

Maximize customer engagement and retention with our integrated marketing and loyalty solutions.


CAKE Capital

Secure the funding your restaurant needs to grow and thrive with our fast funding options.

CAKE POS is consistently rated higher than competitors

Capterra Shortlist 2023, Software Advice, Front Runner 2023, GetApp Category Leader 2023
G2 Badges Easiest to use, High Performer, Best ROI

Learn how CAKE can help empower your business.

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Drive top-of-the-line service and seamless transactions

Tableside ordering

Increase your speed of service by enabling servers to take orders and payments with tablets instead of racing to the POS.

  • Reduce order mistakes and chargebacks
  • More secure payment options for the customer as the card never leaves their sight
  • System notifies servers when an order is ready, further increasing the speed of service
Server holding iPad showing CAKE tableside ordering handheld POS
CAKE Payments using QR code

QR code payments

An efficient contactless solution that allows guests to order and pay on their own devices to meet their changing demands.

  • Reduce wait time for customers
  • Printed QR code on receipts for payment
  • Orders go straight to kitchen or KDS

Online ordering

Comission-free online ordering integrated directly into your restaurant POS.

  • Improve order accuracy and reduce order errors
  • Increase takeout revenue
  • Easily fulfill orders with CAKE DeliveryĀ 
cake olo curbside interface
CAKE Kiosk modifier view

Self-service kiosks

Restaurant self-service kiosk orders increase average order value (AOV) and revenue with up to 30% higher check sizes.

  • Self-service kiosks integrate with our CAKE point of sale
  • Allows for dine-in and takeout options
  • Reduce wait times for ordering and operate with fewer staff

Marketing tools

Ensure the experience doesn’t end after checkout, use our marketing tools to keep customers coming back.

  • Increase revenue with gift card sales
  • Email marketing platform to reach new and existing customers
  • Integrated loyalty program to ensure repeat business
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What is an all-in-one restaurant POS?

The CAKE point of sale is a complete solution that takes care of all your restaurant management needs. It includes your hardware, cloud-based software, payment machines, and printers. An all-in-one POS becomes the main focal point of the business as it manages your sales, payment (standard and contactless) processing, restaurant inventory management, guest management, and restaurant analytics. CAKEā€™s restaurant POS is designed to fit restaurants of all sizes.

What's the best POS system for a restaurant?

Restaurateurs should look for a POS system that benefits the front-of-house and back-of-house, increasing customer satisfaction with speed and convenience. Above all, operators should select a cloud-based POS that has the features and integrations that make running their business more efficient and help them grow.

What are the most common restaurant POS systems?

Our all-in-one restaurant POS is consistently rated higher than competitors such as Aloha, Square, Upserve, and Revel. The most common restaurant POS systems include features such as mobile and contactless ordering and payment, curbside pickup, and cloud-based reporting.

Do restaurants use POS systems?

Yes. Restaurant operators use POS systems to track inventory reducing food waste, process payments quickly, manage menus seamlessly, and serve guests efficiently to turn tables faster and reduce wait times.

How do restaurants choose POS?

A restaurant POS system should be simple to use and easy to learn, allowing faster table turns, and quick payment processing. Operators should look for durable, restaurant-proof hardware that stands up to the establishmentā€™s daily hectic demands. Consider a provider like CAKE with 24/7/365 customer support so you can get help when you need it.

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