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Save Thousands by Switching to CAKE Online Ordering

CAKE is proud to offer a seamless digital online ordering solution that saves customers thousands of dollars when compared to other online ordering systems.

How integrated online ordering saves money:

Industry-low Processing Fees: Save on paying the 15-20% per order that third-party systems charge.

No Extra Costs: CAKE’s free 24/7/365 unlimited support consistently rates higher than competitors in the industry.

Reduce Order Errors: Increase accuracy and save money by eliminating the need to enter orders twice. Online orders are synced straight to the POS.

Use the calculator on this page to see how much you can save with CAKE online ordering.

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Your Savings

Estimated Monthly Savings with CAKE


Estimated Yearly Savings with CAKE


The Breakdown


  • Monthly Fee: $50.00
  • Service Fee: $393.00
  • Delivery Fee: $0

Total Cost:


With The Other Guys

  • Commission Fee: $2,325.00
  • Service Fee: $465.00
  • Delivery Fee: $30.00

Total Cost:


* CAKE savings are calculated on a $50 per month software fee and a 3.5% + $.15 fee for Standard CNP (Card Not Present) rates per online order.

** Estimates for third-parties are calculated based on an average of industry-reported take rates. Monthly fee of $0, service/processing fee of 4%, $2 delivery fee per order, and commissions of 20%.

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