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Back of house restaurant reporting tools

Change menu items, POS settings, assist with clock-in/out, and run remote reports from the CAKE POS, computer, mobile device, and more.

CAKE Sales report
Chef using kitchen display system (KDS) monitor

In the kitchen

  • Route items to appropriate kitchen printers.
  • Update stock counts or 86 items on the fly.
  • Integrations with ChefTab and Epson Kitchen Display Systems.

Menu management

  • Modify your POS and Online Ordering menu from anywhere in the world.
  • Easily edit categories, items, and modifiers from the POS or from the cloud.
  • Report on sales by category, item, or even modifiers to see what’s selling and what’s not.
CAKE online ordering menu editing screen
CAKE Sales report on iPad

Restaurant reporting

  • COGS – See how much you’re making, and spending, on your sales.
  • Revenue centers – Check on the profitability of your bar, patio, or dining room.
  • Taxes – Customizable tax reporting for gratuity, taxable items, and taxable item sales.
  • Fully customizable – Easily filter data or switch date ranges. Easily download or email reports.
  • Quickbooks + Xero with SHOGO integration – Your accountant will love you. Even if that’s you.

Inventory tracking

  • Keep track of stock counts so servers know when an item is limited or needs to be 86’d.
  • Detailed item and ingredient-level inventory reports with our ORCA integration.
  • Run profit & loss reports and use advanced budgeting tools with our ORCA integration.
CAKE beverage revenue center report
CAKE timesheets view

Employee management

  • Labor cost reporting – Run payroll reports directly on the POS.
  • Sales vs labor cost –  Make informed staffing decisions that can increase profits.
  • Quick clock-in/out reports at a glance.
  • Schedule employees with our 7Shifts integration.
  • Email time sheets to yourself or payroll manager.

Grow Your Business

Product overview

Streamline your restaurant with a easy-to-use, intuitive, and cost friendly POS.

Simplified operations

CAKE makes it easy with features built to simplify your restaurant.

Tableside ordering

Take orders and send them directly to the kitchen on our iPad based tableside ordering solution.

Digital integration

Works natively with our reservation and waitlist solution.

Grow your business today

Request a demo from a product expert who can show you how our back-of-house restaurant reporting solutions can help you.

Waitlist view and reports showing backend capabilities

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