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Restaurant menu management

Menu items and pricing are crucial to the overall operation of your business, our restaurant POS makes it easy to adjust.

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CAKE orderpad screen showing item selection and ticket
CAKE modifier screen editing names and prices

Fast-paced changes all day

Menus change more than many customers realize, and your employees need to be on the same page when it comes to your current menu items. Running an efficient and profitable restaurant requires frequent, thoughtful menu adjustments.

Traditional menu management is a time-consuming process. As a result, many restaurant operators rarely make adjustments. New menu management software makes it easy and worthwhile to adjust your menu and prices often.

Work quickly thanks to a simple interface

CAKE is consistently rated as the easiest-to-use interface in the industry. Our menu management is no exception. Edit menu items directly on the POS using our quick menu edit feature. You can easily edit, add, or hide items on the fly. Make changes to pricing, availability, or even modifiers.

CAKE screen showing editing items including price and description
Restaurant owner viewing Mobile POS reports

Make changes anywhere

We offer a robust and easy-to-use menu management software you can use to make administrative adjustments from almost anywhere. Our menu management software comes built into our POS systems to provide the most convenient experience.

Change your menu and prices easily in the restaurant from your POS system, or adjust your menu from anywhere by accessing your data in the cloud. You can use your menu software whether you’re at home, away from the counter, or all the way across the world. CAKE’s software is highly adaptable, so you can use it to tackle menu and pricing challenges as they arise.

Use data to make smarter menu decisions

CAKE’s restaurant menu management software is just one part of a powerful system. CAKE’s all-in-one restaurant POS uses cloud technology to store and report on many different data points, and you can use this data to make smarter menu decisions.

Track stocks

In real-time to monitor menu item availability.

Adjust prices

To correspond with patterns in traffic.

Ingredient tracking

To better assist customers with dietary restrictions.


Grow your business

Product overview

Streamline your restaurant with a simple, intuitive, and cost friendly POS.

Simplified operations

CAKE makes it easy with features built to simplify your restaurant.

Tableside ordering

Take orders and send them directly to the kitchen on our iPad-based solution.

Digital integration

Works natively with Guest Manager, our reservation and waitlist solution.

Grow your business today

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