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CAKE Delivery

Connect with local drivers in your area and provide delivery to your online customers.

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Food delivery person

Delivery built into your POS

With CAKE Delivery, you’ll gain access to hundreds of local drivers in your market.

  • Support local – When an order is placed, drivers are notified when the pickup is ready to go.
  • Track orders – Similar to third-party delivery services, guest can track when an order is picked up and when the order will be delivered.
  • Your data – Delivery uses data from your CAKE POS, giving you more control over the experience before and after delivery.
Restaurant staff handing food over to delivery man, as well as a online ordering screenshot showing current orders in queue
Server packing up a delivery order

Food delivery services without commission fees

Third party delivery services stack fees on fees when you use their service. With CAKE, our fees are simple and transparent.

  • No commission fees – Orders are charged flat rates, you won’t be charged commission fees.
  • Minimum order value – Set a minimum order value or increase pricing to cover delivery costs for better online ordering and delivery management.

Here what our customers have to say

“Before switching to CAKE we were using Square, which worked well when we were just a small cafe, but now that we've grown into a full service restaurant it's made a huge difference having a system built specifically for the industry.”

Anna BFOH Manager

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