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Efficient and simple restaurant loyalty software

CAKE’s restaurant loyalty program helps you increase repeat visits and build long-term relationships for your business, all in one place.

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CAKE restaurant POS terminal, customer touch display featuring restaurant loyalty program sign up

Benefits of CAKE Loyalty

Easy setup

Loyalty is built into your CAKE POS, no need to use third-party software. Upload your current customer database and easily sync their rewards.

Completely digital

Say goodbye to restaurant loyalty cards. Track points and rewards through phone number, email, or credit card identification.

Omnichannel loyalty

Brand your restaurant rewards platform with a customizable microsite accessible by customers wherever they are.

Valuable insights

Track promotional efforts and gain valuable insights into your active and inactive customers with our loyalty reporting tools.

Loyalty software baked-in your POS

Our restaurant loyalty program is directly integrated into the CAKE POS, Online Ordering System & Kiosk, allowing you to keep existing customers while earning the loyalty of others.

  • Effortless registration: Guests can register at the point of sale easily on the POS.
  • Easy tracking: Track points and rewards through email or phone numbers entered on the customer-facing display.
  • No more lost cards: Eliminate the need for physical loyalty cards.
Restaurant loyalty programs - sign up screen on CAKE POS terminal
cake loyalty feature rewards points action

Customizable rewards, everywhere your customers are

Whether your customer is in-store or ordering online, allow them to register and collect rewards for their purchases with restaurant loyalty programs. Tailor your loyalty program and offer various rewards like dollar-off discounts and tiered rewards.

  • Customers can opt-in at your restaurant POS by entering their information on the customer-facing display.
  • Rewards can also be accessed digitally when ordering online.

Stay top of mind with marketing

Coming soon: Level up your restaurant loyalty program and stay top of mind with marketing tools. Easily connect with your loyalty members and boost sales with promotions based on past behaviors.

  • Drive additional sales: Send daily, weekly, or monthly promotions to your loyalty members via SMS or email marketing.
  • Targeted campaigns: Create guest-targeted campaigns based on past customer behavior.
  • Personalized rewards: Offer personalized rewards based on customer preferences and special occasions such as birthday rewards.
CAKE Loyalty system dashboard


What is a restaurant loyalty program?

A restaurant loyalty program is a structured marketing approach employed by restaurants to reward customers for their repeat business and brand loyalty. These programs are designed to create a sense of belonging, foster strong customer relationships, and encourage repeat business, ultimately boosting restaurant revenue and customer satisfaction.

How do I sign up for CAKE Loyalty?

If you are already a CAKE customer, you can learn how to enable CAKE Loyalty here. Additionally, you can contact your customer success representative for further assistance into activating our loyalty software.

Is additional hardware required?

No additional hardware is required to run CAKE Loyalty.

Can customers access their rewards online?

Yes, loyalty customers can access their rewards both in-store and through our online ordering system, ensuring a seamless experience across all channels.

How do customers redeem their rewards?

Customers can redeem their rewards at the CAKE POS by providing their phone number or email. For online orders, they can apply rewards during the checkout process, and the system will apply the rewards once the order is accepted. Customers can access their rewards, loyalty profile, and track points via a user-friendly webpage.

How do I track the performance of my restaurant loyalty program?

CAKE Loyalty provides reporting and analytics tools to help you track your program’s performance and optimize your strategies. Monitor key metrics such as new loyalty sign-ups, total points earned and redeemed, and net loyalty sales.

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