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Personalize the customer experience with clienteling tools

Streamline your retail operations and create consistent customer experiences with our clienteling tools.

Customer looking at iPad with customer
Concierge customer profile showing Birthday, phone, email, address and sales history

Explore customer insights

Give the sales associate a 360-degree view of the customer including preferences, purchase history, birthday, and more. The perfect solution for comission-based sales associates, providing them with tools to build customer relationships and increase sales.

Associates can directly communicate with customers via text, email, or live chat.

Utilize product collections

Give associates an instant view of your companyā€™s entire product catalog. Enable omnichannel access to products in store, online, or at other store locations. Save the sale no matter your inventory.

Associates can:

  • Switch between multiple e-commerce catalogsĀ 
  • Browse catalog items
  • Search keywords with configurable option to search by scanning SKU/UPC
  • Configure product card data
Concierge product catalog view
Client profile view on smartphone showing average order, lifetime spend, assigned associate and last transaction date

Blackbook for retailers

Blackbook allows associates to build email lists, follow up communication, personalized marketing campaigns, and set up virtual or in-store appointments with customers lists. Gain access to full customer profiles that include:

  • Customerā€™s name
  • Birthdate
  • Contact information
  • Preferred location
  • Average cart value
  • Product preferences (clothing, jewelry, hardware, pet supplies, and more)
  • Lifetime spending value
  • Purchase history

Omnichannel associate selling

Empower your associates with omnichannel clienteling to offer a personalized sales experience whether in store, through virtual appointments, or on your website.

Concierge appointment and wishlist views both customer and associate facing

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