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With so many points of sale (POS) systems available in the market, finding the best POS for small business is essential to running your operations efficiently. It can be an overwhelming process to research and identify which POS system is the best for your restaurant because they all differ in the features and functionalities offered.

How will you manage your menu? What kind of reports do you need to manage your restaurant? These are the kind of questions one should be considering when evaluating options.

In this blog, we will dive into the best features to look for when considering which POS system to invest in for your small business. Whether you’re looking for a POS system that offers online ordering or in-depth sales reporting, we’ve got you covered.

6 Best POS System Features for Small Business

Finding a POS system that works for your small business can be daunting. Whether you own a small bar or restaurant, these are some of the features that you should consider before investing in a new POS system.

1. Easy-to-use POS terminals

Modern point of sale (POS) technologies are integral to keeping your business moving. Today businesses can maximize POS capabilities anywhere in the restaurant using mobile tablet systems or iPad handheld devices. Making sure it’s easy to take orders and payments on the go will be extremely helpful to both your staff and customers.

In particular, iPads or tablets are great options for small restaurants because they are compact and user-friendly, as well as portable so your servers can have it on them at all times.

When businesses use the CAKE POS system, our tableside ordering tablets use the same interface as the POS, so it’s an easy to navigate system right off the bat. Mobile POS systems empower your staff to take more orders efficiency, helping maximize labor and service.

2. Suggested tips

Having a POS for your small business that suggest tips to customers after each purchase is an excellent way to increase revenue in a sophisticated manner. A restaurant POS with a customer-facing display will quickly prompt guests to add a tip if they would like and ask for a signature to checkout.

Studies have shown that a tipping screen was effective in “elevating tipping amounts” from customers who otherwise wouldn’t think to leave a gratuity. Not only do tipping prompts provide a smooth transaction flow, but it also gives customers a convenient experience; there’s no need to pull out a calculator or dig for cash in your wallet or purse.

To make the most out of this feature and ensure customers receive quality service, it’s important to train your staff on proper etiquette. The goal is to maintain a warm, attentive appearance while utilizing the POS – patrons should not feel ignored while the server is using the POS. Following these tactics will foster good relationships and boost customer satisfaction which can result in a higher tip.

3. In-depth customer and sales reporting

A good POS system for small businesses will have integrated reporting and analytics. Systems like CAKE offer real-time reports on your restaurant’s POS performance metrics. From sales to payments, payroll to taxes, these POS reports provide both summary and detailed data that are crucial for managing your restaurant.

Analyzing restaurant data can better help you understand what your customers prefer. The sections below can help you pinpoint your customer’s wants and needs:

  • Reservations – quickly track all your guests, with insights into previous and upcoming reservations.
  • Lifetime spend – see each guest’s visit and spend history with average and lifetime spend.
  • Top items ordered – see guest favorites based on the top five ordered over all visits.

4. Online ordering system

Making it as easy as possible to order online and providing contactless pickup options curbside management will set your small business apart from the others. With the right POS system, you can manage orders and communicate with customers with ease.

Online ordering isn’t just a convenient solution for your customers; it’s a profit builder for your small business. Being online expands your reach and streamlines operations, reducing order errors due to its direct integration into the restaurant POS.

In addition, commission free online ordering offered in-house can help save money from the 15-30% third-party systems charge while putting that revenue back into the business.

5. Employee scheduling and payroll capabilities

Make it easy to schedule your employees and ensure they are paid on time and properly. One of the best ways to simplify this process is by utilizing a POS system that offers those benefits. One that easily tracks employee hours, creates schedules, and processes payroll quickly and accurately.

Seeking a POS system that offers these capabilities is a great way to stay on the same page and communicate with your staff. Not only does this save you time and effort, but also ensures that your employees are happy and motivated to work for you.

Nearly 85% of employees are most motivated when internal communications are effective.

6. A kitchen display system

Also known as a KDS, a kitchen display system connects the front of the house to the back of the house, offering an efficient and seamless order process. This technology acts as a bridge between the two, enabling food orders to be processed quickly and with ease.

As a result of utilizing a KDS, customers receive their meals in a timely manner, enhancing their overall dining experience.

For small businesses, a KDS is particularly helpful in streamlining operations, making sure that every order counts, and reducing the likelihood of order errors, ensuring a smooth experience for both diners and staff.

What is the best POS system for small businesses?

The ultimate system for your small business is CAKE restaurant POS. Our restaurant product suite helps reduce wait times, increase revenue, and improve order accuracy. Whether you’re looking for full-scale solutions or individual fixes, we have the tools to help you grow. As well as 24/7/365 customer support available for any issues that might come your way.

As your small business grows, it’s important to have a POS system that can scale with you. This is where the CAKE cloud-based POS system can come in. Cloud-based POS systems offer the flexibility to add more features and integrations as your business grows. They also allow you to access your restaurant’s data from anywhere with an internet connection, giving you the ability to monitor your restaurant’s performance from anywhere. With the right POS system, you can give your staff the tools they need to provide excellent customer service and create a successful restaurant experience. Request a free demo with one of our restaurant experts today.

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