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Strategic collaboration combines Mad Mobile’s innovative retail associate platform with BambuMeta’s web3-powered loyalty platform, shaping the future of customer engagement in retail.

TAMPA, FL – Mad Mobile, a global leader in Connected Commerce and mobile payments for retailers and restaurants, today announced a strategic partnership with BambuMeta, a pioneer in web3-based extensible loyalty platforms. The collaboration aims to transform the retail landscape by offering highly personalized and seamless customer experiences, empowering retail associates to foster lifelong relationships through continuous value delivery.

Retailers can now equip their associates with a personal concierge digital business card, compatible with customers’ Apple or Google wallets. This modern communication channel will enable associates to send push messages, recommendations, loyalty rewards, promotions, gift cards, and appointment reminders, ensuring customers stay up to date with what matters most.

“At the core of our mission are the customers and associates; we believe that nurturing their relationship is vital for exceptional customer experiences and service. Iconic brands stand out due to their appreciation of loyal customers, and with Mad Mobile, we are confident in delivering an unparalleled, value-driven experience,” said Chris Silver, Co-founder of BambuMeta.

About Mad Mobile

A global leader in connected commerce and mobile payments, Mad Mobile is reimagining point-of-sale transactions for over 21,000 major retail and restaurant locations worldwide. By offering unique, seamless, digital experiences, Mad Mobile enables businesses to forge deeper connections with customers. Top customers include Ralph Lauren, Tractor Supply, Texas Roadhouse, Talbots, Aramark, EstĂ©e Lauder, Signet Jewelers, PF Chang’s, Brooks Brothers, Urban Outfitters, Ike’s Love & Sandwiches, Pandora, Snipes, and West Marine.

About BambuMeta

BambuMeta strengthens the relationship between brands and customers fostering a lifelong commitment made by key moments of sentimentality and appreciation.  Our platform enables the future, by pairing your traditional loyalty with web3-powered engagement functionality value. It’s a solution designed to reach customers on a more human level, to connect with a wider community, and to build lasting relationships—quickly, securely, and simply. Learn more at

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