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When your bar is stacked three deep on a Saturday night, your POS system is the grounding element at the center of the chaos. Your bartenders get into a rhythm between the customers, the speed rack, and the display that keeps all their orders and payments straight. But adding integrations to your bar POS software can take that flow to the next level.   

What exactly are integrations? We’re glad you asked. 

These cloud-based systems allow you to seamlessly integrate data into your existing platforms to sync essential information related to staffing, accounting, inventory management, and even third-party delivery platforms. They communicate with one another to improve workflow, manage inventory, and inform your purchasing decisions. 

Fully integrated bar POS software can transform your business operations. By automating certain processes, you’ll save time, reduce errors, and gain valuable insights that can drastically improve the customer experience.  

If you’re ready to learn more, you’re in the right place! 

We’ll cover:  

Key integrations for a streamlined bar 

You’ll find a lot of integrations out there to enhance your bar’s existing POS software. Here are a few types that owners and managers are using to make running a restaurant easier.  

Inventory management software 

Inventory management is a major hassle, even for folks who’ve spent their entire lives in the industry. Getting accurate counts on your beer, wine, and liquor takes enough time, but then you have to factor in the stock needed for your upcoming order, plan for specials, and tackle all the ingredients like herbs, fruit, and mixers, which all have a limited shelf life.  

It can be overwhelming, to say the least.  

Fortunately, bar POS software has come a long way since the days of scratching down your order on a piece of paper. Integrations can track your inventory in real-time as orders come in, helping you avoid disappointed customers due to stockouts.  

But that’s not all!  

This state-of-the-art technology can also help you calibrate recipe costing, so you know your expenses–and profits–down to the penny. Finally, automatic order generation makes this system like a virtual assistant who knows what you need and when you need it. You don’t have to risk over-ordering or running out of the essentials. Instead, you can rely on past data to inform future orders.  

Of course, you’ll still need to manually ensure your theoretical inventory (using your sales data) aligns with your actual inventory. But that’ll be small potatoes compared to doing everything the old-fashioned way.  

Accounting software 

Accurately tracking sales data is the most important aspect of your bar POS system. Since restaurant finances can be complex, an all-in-one program that integrates with accounting software can help you stay on Uncle Sam’s good side.  

CAKE POS is fully integrated with Quickbooks via Shogo, the #1 accounting software among accountants and small-business owners. This system eliminates tedious manual bookkeeping and reduces avoidable mistakes due to human error. You can access your historical data and future projections anytime, anywhere, on the cloud.  

Other accounting integrations like Davo can fully automate your sales tax. Each day, it sets aside the appropriate amount based on your sales and automatically pays every month, so you don’t have to worry about it.  

Customer loyalty programs 

Big data gets a bad name, but its power is undeniable when it comes to crafting the ultimate customer experience.  

We’ve moved past the days of punch cards and into the era of modern technology. When you integrate your bar POS software with loyalty programs like Paytronix, there’s a good chance your customers will return more frequently and spend more.  


Because they get incentives like discount codes and rewards for visiting. But it gets better. When your customers sign up for loyalty programs, your POS software can keep track of their order history, dining preferences, and even their food allergies. You’ll know what to offer and how to make them feel like VIP guests.   

Finally, you can use long-term data to see your establishment’s performance trends. This software will quantify the number of guests who order online, show you which items are popular, and tell you what times of day you need an extra staff member on board.   

At the end of the day, these loyalty programs benefit your customers and help your business succeed. Whether you use a points-based system or simply send emails to let them know you miss them (along with an offer for a free dessert), you’re bound to see the results in increased revenue.  

Online ordering and delivery platforms 

By 2028, experts predict the online food ordering and delivery industry will exceed $1.7 trillion. It’s no wonder so many restauranteurs are embracing the future of food. After all, those profits aren’t just going to a third party. The benefits–and the financial boon–extend to the restaurants fulfilling those orders.  

Integrating widely used programs like Uber Eats and DoorDash with your bar’s POS software can help you streamline your takeout and delivery operation. Every time a customer places an order through one of these platforms, it goes straight to the kitchen. Reduce the tablet farm of third-party platforms with CAKE’s digital ordering and delivery integration, ItsaCheckmate. This helps operators control their online orders and menus in one place. 

Your bartenders no longer have to field phone calls while they’re making drinks and interacting with customers. In return, you’ll see fewer errors and happier customers.  

Maybe you’ve added contactless curbside pickup to your repertoire, joined the ranks of restaurants offering delivery through third-party apps, or you’re toying with the idea. In any case, this is one integration trend we see sticking around for years to come.  

More powerful integrations to explore 

We’ve already discussed some of the more prolific integrations to pair with your bar POS system, but other understated options are worth mentioning, as well.  

Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) 

Your back-of-house staff can reap the benefits of integrations as much as your bartenders. Innovative Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) give your kitchen staff the same visibility your servers and bartenders have. Rather than relying on an endless stream of paper orders that are easily lost in the chaos of a busy kitchen, your chef and expo will be able to see all orders on vivid screens that help them keep track of the big picture.  

CAKE’s KDS comes with a printer, so your staff can use paper tickets for backup, just in case. In addition to the obvious benefits, this also offers two lines of approval, meaning fewer mistakes in the kitchen and less wait time for hungry customers.  

Employee scheduling software 

Scheduling is another major pain point for restaurant and bar managers. Every employee has varying availability, and time-off requests never end. Fortunately, scheduling software that’s integrated with your bar POS system can save you time and money.  

Options like 7Shifts include a mobile app for managers and employees. This is where staff can request time off, so your scheduler doesn’t have to keep track of text messages, emails, phone calls, and scraps of paper with dates scribbled on them. Your staff will also have access to a calendar complete with blackout dates, shift pools, and chats with other employees, so all communications are in one place.  

These programs don’t just streamline shift management for your scheduler. They also allow you to use all your POS system’s insightful data to optimize labor costs. You can say goodbye to overstaffing and hello to increased employee retention!  

Table reservation systems 

According to experts, up to 42% of guests on traditional waitlists abandon their posts before ever getting a table. This is due in part to uncertainty and impatience. After all, when there’s no end in sight, many hungry guests will give in to their rumbling stomachs and opt for the hotdog cart down the street.  

But integrated guest management systems are changing that.  

These programs use quantifiable data from your bar’s POS system to optimize your reservations, preventing overbooking and out-of-control wait times. They also update your customers on their wait status, so your guests know exactly how long it’ll take to get a seat and chow down.  

How to choose the right POS integrations 

It’s clear that technological advancements have brought us a ton of POS integrations to choose from. Here are a few tips to pick the best ones for your business.  

Assess your business needs 

Bar owners and managers need to get more of their POS system than simply keeping the numbers straight (although that’s a big one). You also need an integrative program that helps you overcome the biggest hurdles you face while running your business.  

Whether your challenges are finding and retaining great employees, keeping track of taxes, minimizing inventory errors, or streamlining your process to reduce wait times, your POS system should help mitigate those issues.  

Take a good look at your bar’s needs and consider which aspects need the most improvement. Once you have these in mind, you can choose a system that prioritizes your needs.  

Prioritize compatibility 

You’ve probably already invested time and money into your current POS system, so starting from scratch might not be in the cards. If that’s the case, do some research to determine which programs will seamlessly integrate with your existing hardware and software.  

When in doubt, give your POS provider a call and ask about your options. If you rely on an old-school system with in-house servers, your choices might be limited. However, cloud-based programs are constantly advancing, and custom integration solutions could be the answer.  

Consider costs 

Of course, the price of implementing new integrations with your bar POS system should be considered before taking the plunge. Each one will likely have recurring subscription fees and one-time setup expenses. However, these tend to pay for themselves over time through hours saved on labor, reduced food waste, or increased sales.  

You might find that a comprehensive integration like Restaurant365 is easier to manage and better for your budget than multiple platforms.  

Evaluate ease of use and support 

Finally, it’s critical to choose integrations your staff can learn quickly and easily. Sure, all software comes with a learning curve. Don’t be discouraged if it takes a few days to get the hang of it. However, it shouldn’t be overly complicated.  CAKE sets the bar high being consistently rated the easiest-to-use POS on the market. 

Comprehensive technical support is also a must, especially in the early stages of implementation. You don’t want to find yourself in a sticky situation without the backup you need on-call.  

Last call: Bar POS integration success 

Fully integrated POS software is revolutionizing the bar and restaurant industries. Cloud-based technology has now freed bartenders who were once tethered to phones taking to-go orders, hosts who relied on laminated seating charts to manage reservations, and staff who had to use pen and paper to make sense of inventory. Managers can now use valuable data to inform staffing decisions, and business owners can automatically pay monthly taxes without thinking twice.  

There’s a lot to love about these integrations! They have the power to transform your standard POS system into an all-in-one command center that stores critical data and translates it into meaningful information that can save you time and money while simultaneously elevating the guest experience.  

Take stock of your current workflow to pinpoint existing weak spots that could be more efficient. Then, contact your POS provider to see what kind of compatible integrations they can offer. The options might surprise you!  

If you’re still using an outdated system without cloud-based capabilities, it might be time to consider making the change. CAKE is at the forefront of this exciting new technology and offers tons of integrations to make running your business a breeze. Request a free trial or demo today to see just how beneficial your bar POS system can be! 

Learn more about our bar POS system and schedule a demo today!

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