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Inventory management and intelligent ordering make Orca a must to reduce food and beverage cost.

The details


$179 – $199/MONTH


Discounts Available for CAKE Operators



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More about Orca

With Orca’s fully integrated state-of-art restaurant inventory software, you can automate the inventory and ordering processes and save thousands of dollars in the process. Orca’s intelligent inventory and ordering system learns to prevent theft, waste, and over-billing while keeping you organized.

With your Orca-CAKE integration, you can:

•Automatically populate all the menu items you sell on your restaurant POS on Orca, enabling you to input recipes and ingredients against them.

•Create more accurate budgets in Orca by referencing the historical CAKE POS sales that is pulled on a daily basis. More accurate budgets will lead to more efficient ordering.

•Track loss, waste and spoilage by comparing the theoretical usage of ingredients (generated with your item sales report) against the actual usage.

•View your food cost to sales ratios for all your menu items and categories for any given period of time using POS item and category sales.

•Create accurate financial statements using POS sales.

Detailed pricing

1 YEAR CONTRACT (unlimited users) – $189.00/mo* (Save $120)

2 YEAR CONTRACT (unlimited users) – $179.00/mo* (Save $480)

MONTHLY (unlimited users) – $199.00/mo*

All pricing includes full inventory and user set up (turn key), full ongoing customer support, and a free mobile app for handheld devices.

*Pricing is per store or location paid upfront


Rapid inventory

• Their free mobile app gives you freedom to input inventory at the inventory location.

• Eliminate inventory counting errors and time with Orca’s multi unit selection tool.

• Enjoy Orca’s drag and drop feature that organizes your inventory “your” way.

• Hold accountability with automated audits on inventory counts.

Automated ordering & budget

• Advanced budgeting tools for precise and accurate weekly sales predictions.

• CAKE’s all-in-one POS compatibility allows you to import menu items and sales data directly into Orca.

• Built in weather forecasting tool to accurately adjust sales budgets for weather trends.

• “One click” vendor ordering and processing.

Flexible sales analysis, recipes & variance reports

• Run P&L statements in one click.

• See exactly what’s walking out your door with our loss statement.

• Orca lets you create recipes intelligently. Watch the profit, cost %, and total cost adjust in real time as you build it. In addition, view the recipe later and see costs automatically adjust based on price increases from vendors.

• Run reports on every product to see how often and much vendors have increased the cost.

Visit this link here to schedule a demo today.

Why choose Orca?

With their integrated state-of-art restaurant inventory software, you can automate inventory and ordering processes and save thousands of dollars in the process. You’ll notice an immediate boost in accuracy, accountability and ease of operations.

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