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Discover the transformative impact of handheld POS systems for restaurants on efficiency and customer satisfaction. Through streamlined ordering, real-time inventory tracking, and swift payment processing, these systems are reshaping how restaurants operate. 

Handheld POS systems designed for restaurant use present a range of advantages, including heightened efficiency, decreased errors, and enhanced customer service. These systems achieve these benefits by simplifying transactions and directly relaying orders to the kitchen, resulting in smoother operations overall. 

The integration of online ordering capabilities with handheld POS systems offers substantial benefits. By seamlessly blending online ordering with in-person transactions, businesses can boost profit margins and customer satisfaction levels.  Everyone wins!  

If you’re ready to find the perfect handheld POS system for your restaurant, you’ve come to the right place! 

We’ll cover: 

Unveiling the power of handheld POS systems for modern restaurants 

Handheld POS systems are revolutionizing restaurant operations rather than just acting as a passing trend. With benefits like enhanced mobility and streamlined service, these systems alter the business approach of the restaurants. As we explore these powerful systems, you’ll understand why they are a favorite among new restaurant owners. 

Handheld POS systems stand out for their significant advantage of reducing errors and theft, offering the following benefits: 

  • Maintain precise records of all transactions 
  • Track inventory, ensuring transparency and accountability in all operations 
  • Allow for the direct sending of orders to the kitchen, bypassing manual entry 
  • Automate inventory ordering and report generation 
  • Increase efficiency, leading to improved customer service 

Embracing handheld POS solutions brings numerous benefits beyond just reducing errors. These advantages not only enhance efficiency but also elevate customer service, providing a smoother and quicker experience for patrons.  

Furthermore, restaurants that adopt handheld POS solutions often find a noticeable boost in customer satisfaction. This is largely thanks to the improved effectiveness and speed of service facilitated by these innovative systems. 

Handheld devices are like magic wands for restaurant operations, offering a plethora of advantages. From streamlining service to offering flexible payment options and boosting table turnover, these systems are a must-have addition for any restaurant looking to enhance its operations. 

Streamline your service with mobile POS 

Efficiency is vital in the fast-paced restaurant industry. Mobile POS systems play a crucial role in enhancing service efficiency by: 

  • Enabling servers to input orders directly to the kitchen immediately after taking them 
  • Expediting the order delivery process 
  • Allowing for faster ordering and checkout processes 
  • Helping restaurants serve more customers daily, leading to increased sales 

Add to that the integration of devices like Apple iPads with CAKE’s POS solution, ordering and payment processes are streamlined, eliminating the need for additional training. The end results? An enhanced customer experience, more efficient service, and ultimately, a boost in sales. 

Take payments anywhere, anytime 

As convenience is a customer expectation, flexible payment options have become indispensable for restaurants. Handheld POS systems meet this demand by extending the range of payment capabilities. Whether it’s accepting cards, splitting checks, tap-to-pay options, or digital wallets like Google Pay and Apple Pay, these systems have got it covered. 

The rise in demand for contactless payment methods has led to systems like CAKE POS integrating options like Apple Pay and Google Pay, meeting the need for convenient and modern payment solutions. Not only do these contactless payments streamline the transaction process, but they also save time and enhance efficiency for both customers and staff, improving the overall dining experience. 

Boost table turns with swift transactions 

Sales maximization is a primary objective for restaurants, where handheld POS systems for restaurants can have a significant impact. These systems help restaurants turn tables faster during peak times, leading to an increase in sales. 

Furthermore, faster order transmission to the kitchen means customers get their food quicker, enhancing table turnover. With the end-of-meal payment process also streamlined, closing a tab and allowing for immediate payment becomes significantly faster. As a result, restaurants can: 

  • Serve more customers 
  • Boost sales 
  • Improve customer satisfaction 
  • Increase efficiency 
  • Drive more loyalty program sign ups

All thanks to swift transactions enabled by handheld POS devices. 

Online ordering integration: a seamless connection 

With the advancement of the digital age, online ordering has integrated itself into a significant part of restaurant operations. Integrating online ordering with a handheld POS system can offer significant benefits, including increased profits and streamlined operations. As we explore this seamless connection, you’ll discover how your restaurant can leverage these benefits for ultimate success. 

Online ordering through integration with a handheld POS system can result in a significant increase in profits for restaurants. In fact, online orders have an average revenue that is 40% higher than phone orders for average restaurants, which could lead to a significant increase in profit.

Restaurants can add revenue without paying commission fees by leveraging direct online orders through their own website, minimizing the dependency on third-party delivery services. 

CAKE’s restaurant tablets get notified of online ordering notifications, simplifying the delivery service by incorporating options like contactless curbside pickup and delivery. This reduces the need for manual order entry and thus expedites the entire process. In addition, the integrated system ensures kitchen staff receive updates on new orders automatically, thus reducing payroll expenses. 

Expand your reach beyond the counter 

Mobile POS systems aren’t just for food trucks and mobile eateries – they can also help coffee shops and small eateries extend their reach beyond the counter. By offering various convenient payment methods, including QR codes, these systems can enhance the overall customer payment experience, catering to the needs of a wider customer base. 

Inventory management at your fingertips 

While inventory management often appears daunting to many restaurant owners, tablet POS systems make it seem effortless. These systems offer powerful features that simplify menu management and prevent out-of-stock surprises, putting inventory management at your fingertips. 

Tablet POS systems, such as CAKE’s, offer the following mobile cloud-based benefits for restaurant owners and staff:  

  • Manage real-time inventory, minimizing manual checks and providing up-to-date stock levels 
  • Servers can quickly access inventory information through intuitive mobile POS software, reducing delays and preventing errors in order flow 
  • Alerts for low stock and features facilitating automated reordering ensure that quick service restaurants maintain optimal inventory levels

These insights can be incredibly valuable for restaurant owners, helping them make informed decisions about menu and inventory management. 

Simplify menu management 

Managing a restaurant menu can be a challenging task, but the handheld restaurant POS systems make it simple. With these systems, operators can efficiently update and manage menus, ensuring that customers always have access to the latest offerings. Advanced modifications can be performed, such as adding food allergy notes or making recipe changes through a POS system’s backend, which is streamlined for user convenience. 

Furthermore, CAKE POS system offers an inventory management feature that provides detailed tracking of menu items, all the way down to the ingredient level. This level of detail makes it easier to manage menus and ensure that all items are always available. 

Avoid out-of-stock surprises 

Nothing disappoints a customer more than their favorite dish being out of stock. But with real-time tracking in mobile POS systems, you can ensure optimal inventory levels and prevent stockouts. These systems track menu items to the ingredient level for optimized ingredient usage and stockout prevention. 

Additionally, POS systems can: 

  • Automatically limit customer orders to available stock, preventing sales of out-of-stock items 
  • Provide accurate and efficient stock counts to help manage inventory 
  • Adapt the menu accordingly, ensuring a smooth dining experience for the customers 

The backbone of your restaurant operations: robust hardware and software 

Operating a restaurant is a challenging endeavor, necessitating sturdy hardware and software solutions to manage all operational aspects. CAKE’s restaurant POS system is one such solution that offers a range of features designed to enhance service in the restaurant industry. 

CAKE’s hardware is built to facilitate quick tableside order and payment transactions with our tableside ordering solution. It offers: 

  • An easy-to-use, all-in-one point of sale system 
  • Designed to streamline restaurant operations 
  • Dedicated customer support, including a dedicated customer success representative for every account 

Moreover, CAKE’s cloud-based POS software allows restaurant owners and managers to access reporting and analytics from anywhere with an internet connection. This level of accessibility is invaluable for restaurant owners, allowing them to keep track of their business performance from anywhere. 

Selecting the right POS hardware options 

Choosing the right POS hardware for a restaurant is critical. It’s important to select options that can endure the daily wear and tear of a busy establishment. Systems like the CAKE handheld POS system are renowned for their ability to manage high-volume periods, offering both durability and performance. 

Restaurants seeking entry-level solutions will find comprehensive packages that offer the necessary hardware to meet their operational needs, presenting affordable options without compromising on quality or performance. 

Intuitive software for peak performance 

When it comes to POS software, user-friendliness and efficiency are key. CAKE serves up features such as: 

  • An intuitive easy-to-use interface, crucial for streamlining restaurant management 
  • PCI-compliant secure payment processing 
  • Integrated loyalty programs 
  • The unique Guest Manager for enhanced customer retention and effective front-of-house management 

CAKE also provides dedicated support with a trained implementation team for new clients, ensuring staff are well-prepared to use the system.  With unique resources, like CAKE University, our management system offers restaurant owners and employees knowledge and training at their fingertips. 

Moreover, CAKE POS offers robust reporting features that deliver insights into sales, inventory, and customer data, aiding in informed decision-making for menu and inventory management. 

Ensuring data security during downtime 

While keeping operations running during internet downtime is crucial, it’s equally important to ensure data security. Offline payments on the POS system employ encryption and secure local storage to protect transaction data in the event of internet outages, ensuring data security. 

When the internet connection is interrupted, CAKE’s central POS systems can continue to securely manage transactions and will synchronize the data with the central database once internet connectivity is restored. Hence, these systems not only can help prevent data loss but also guarantee business continuity during times when the system goes offline, thanks to the backup and recovery protocols in place. 

Handheld POS wrap up 

In a dynamic and fast-paced industry, choosing the right POS system is crucial. Handheld POS systems, especially those like CAKE’s tableside ordering solution, offer a myriad of benefits, from streamlining service and offering versatile payment options to increasing table turnover and improving customer interactions. As we move forward in 2024, these systems will continue to play a pivotal role in the success of the restaurant industry. 

Learn more about tableside ordering and schedule a demo today!

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