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Whatever the size of your operation, a tableside ordering system can help—it’s certainly not a tool for just large corporate restaurants. Times are tough for restaurants of every size. It’s not that there aren’t enough diners. In fact, surveys show that 56% of people dine out at least twice a week! Instead, some of the industry’s biggest challenges lie in staffing and operational costs.

As a business owner, you’re always trying to maximize your operational efficiency. There are plenty of ways people cut costs to try and save a business that simply don’t work. Hiring less qualified staff or reducing the quality of your ingredients can have a devastating effect on your bottom line when the reviews come in.

Instead, investing in new processes can streamline your eatery and cut costs while increasing efficiency and improving your customer experience!

Implementing a tableside ordering system like CAKE from Mad Mobile can reshape how you run your business.

Today, we’re breaking down our favorite (even though there are many more) restaurant types perfectly suited for tableside ordering systems:

  1. Small restaurants
  2. Bars and pubs
  3. High-end & fine dining restaurants
  4. Family and casual dining restaurants
  5. Fast casual

The perks of tableside ordering for small restaurants

You might think that tableside ordering systems are only for large, national chain establishments. Table-based kiosks and servers with tablets in hand seem like something better suited to huge chains than local fare. But our customizable tableside ordering system is scalable and adaptable to meet your needs at a cost you can afford.

Our innovative and intuitive POS system makes it simple for your staff to learn and maximize their efficiency. Orders go directly from the server to the kitchen, reducing mistakes and miscommunications. You’ll see a reduction in food waste as your order accuracy increases, and you’ll have the data to back it up!

In smaller restaurants, tablet-based ordering is an efficient way to maximize the space you have. You won’t need a central POS terminal taking up room in your dining area. Traffic flows improve too since your staff can enter orders anywhere. And for establishments with counter service, your staff can get orders started on their tablets to cut down on wait time.

With CAKE on your side, your staff can focus on giving customers the royal treatment! No matter the size of your restaurant, you can have a significant impact with CAKE. The tableside ordering tablets have the same POS interface, making it easy to use without requiring much training.

Enhancing bars and pubs with efficient table ordering systems

Bars and pubs exist in a constantly changing marketplace. Unlike restaurants with the same items available for long periods, beer and wine lists might need to be updated several times a night. On top of that, service moves at a much quicker pace than dine-in establishments. Even if you don’t offer food, it’s a complicated atmosphere.

Implementing a tableside ordering system like CAKE can help managers and owners track inventory and update menus on the fly. At the night’s end, you can easily see what you have on hand and update your menu as necessary. If you notice customer or staff trends that need your attention, the data is all at your fingertips!

Our mobile POS also makes the customer experience a smooth and enjoyable experience. Easily split checks, open tabs, and cash out with QR code or contactless payments. Your guests will feel the difference in your bar or pub, especially during peak times. They won’t have to jump back in line or wait for long to put in orders or cash out.

Implementing tablets for closing out tabs includes suggested tipping at the end of each transaction. Your bartenders and servers will enjoy a significant increase in tipping amounts across the board.

Elevating service in high-end dining restaurants with tableside ordering

You’re running the hot new spot and want to take your reservation and waitlist system to a new level. High-end restaurants need systems to track customer requests, and CAKE is the perfect fit.

If you’re operating on the other end of the spectrum, CAKE’s POS and tableside ordering system can elevate your customer experience. Typically, you’re working with a larger, more experienced waitstaff who know their jobs and might feel challenged by new ways of doing things. But our tablet-based systems make it simple to go from one to three stars in customer service and add to your servers’ knowledge and efficiency.

Because they don’t have to enter each order into a central POS station, your servers can spend time with their diners. Richly detailed menus are at their fingertips, so they can easily explain your chef’s vision. And any questions or substitutions won’t require a check-in with the kitchen. All modifiers can easily be displayed on our handheld POS system.

Additionally, our system allows customers to pay at the table instead of waiting for staff. Whether you’re working with tablet-based or QR code-based payments, they can use ApplePay or GooglePay when they’re ready. Your customers’ expectations of privacy and security are well supported by our digital payment systems.

Family and casual dining restaurants thrive with table ordering systems

Taking the whole family out to dinner, especially with young children, can be stressful enough as it is. Juggling special requests during ordering increases the odds that mistakes will happen. Tableside ordering systems reduce the chance that modifiers get left off, stopping meltdowns before they happen.

Tablet hardware is durable and easy to clean, too.

If you’re interested in implementing self-service, our kiosks allow your customers to order directly from the kitchen. While many diners appreciate connecting with your staff, we’ve found that 66% prefer self-service. Instead of taking orders, your staff can focus on the dining experience.

A side benefit of self-service tableside ordering is an increase in check sizes. Throughout their dining experience, your patrons will see suggestions and add-ons encouraging them to spend more. Paying at the table has a similar effect by prompting a tip percentage during checkout.

Fast casual restaurants: streamlining service with tableside ordering technology

Customers expect restaurants they visit to keep up with trends in technology. Nowhere does this hold true more than in fast-casual establishments. Picking up lunch for the office or dinner on the way home is part of modern life. Adding a counter kiosk self-service option can help streamline your business and lets your patrons feel valued at the same time.

Curbside is another area where fast casual restaurants can stand out with tableside ordering from CAKE. Diners can simply order through your portal and let you know when they arrive! Easy order tracking communicates with your customers so they know where their order is at every step of the process.

Customers’ dining experience can also be enhanced by having servers equipped with tablets for ordering at the table. This convenient approach allows for efficient and speedy service, as orders can be taken and sent directly to the kitchen without any delays. With this streamlined process, customers can enjoy a seamless dining experience and have their orders promptly fulfilled, making it ideal for those who are looking for a quick bite.

CAKE’s tableside ordering system scales as your business grows!

No matter the size of your restaurant, CAKE is the perfect solution to your tableside ordering system needs. With customizable setups, we can help tailor our system to maximize your revenue and enhance your customer experience.

Learn more about tableside ordering and schedule a demo today!

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