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Opening a café can be a daunting task. There are over 55,000 cafés in the U.S., but industry giant Starbucks holds the majority of the market. In order to boost profits at an establishment with small individual transactions, owners need to find ways to lower overhead costs, provide better customer service, and improve sales.

But how can you do that?

By adding a handheld POS solution to your arsenal, you can help take orders more efficiently at a lower cost than adding an additional standalone POS terminal. This technology also helps to improve the customer experience and promote loyalty.

Let’s take a look at a few ways handheld café POS systems can boost profits:

Lower Overhead Cost

One of the benefits of adding an Android tablet or iPad POS system is that the hardware isn’t as expensive as traditional POS systems. Instead of paying more upfront fees in equipment and setup, all you need to enhance your current Point of Sale system is the tablet and software.

Since tablet software is cloud-based, new security upgrades and features are typically downloaded automatically for free. This value can be compounded if your primary Point of Sale system is cloud-based as well.


Better Customer Service

Cafés can speed up checkout times with a tablet POS system. Since orders and payments are taken and immediately sent to the kitchen or coffee queue, these systems help quick-service customers get their food faster.

One California restaurant, STACKED, found tableside tablet ordering was a hit with millennials and professionals looking for a quick lunch. Guests can order directly at the table and pay upfront without having to wait for a check at the end of the meal. The owner says, “Our guests seem to appreciate the ability to get exactly what they want and as a result are more likely to embrace the technology.”

Some tablets also have the capability of including digital menus.

This restaurant technology trend is interactive and can amplify the customer experience. Some digital menus are able to display dynamic, personalized messaging for diners based on what they’ve already ordered. For example, if a customer orders a latte, the menu may suggest a pastry to accompany it.


Improve Sales

Tablets allow for faster ordering and checkouts, so more customers can be served each day. Because tablet orders are sent directly to the kitchen, customers also receive their food faster, which improves satisfaction and sales.

Insights from a POS system can also help cafés improve sales. Los Gatos coffee shop used their system to figure out which menu items are most popular, and which days and times are busiest. This information helps owners refine their day-to-day operations, including ordering and staffing needs. Insights like these helped Los Gatos improve sales by as much as 10 percent.


Final Thoughts

By adding a handheld POS system, cafés can improve lower overhead costs, improve operations efficiency and gain insights about their business. These portable ordering systems also allow for faster customer service and leave customers more satisfied with their experience.

These benefits will help cafes and coffee shops improve sales and customer loyalty, leading to higher profits overall.

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