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As a restaurant owner, seeing potential customers walk away due to long wait times and dissatisfied service is a difficult sight, especially whenever rush periods occur.

How can this be prevented?

One way is by utilizing more efficient restaurant technologies, such as iPads and tablets. It’s a growing trend that independent restaurants are looking to make within the next few years. To be exact, more than 57% restaurants are looking to add tablet-based POS software in their next upgrade.

But does it really impact operations and reduce walkaways?

Let’s take a deeper look at how iPad POS systems can help restaurants improve customer experiences:

Faster Lines and Checkouts

There’s no denying that restaurant POS systems are constantly impacted by evolving technologies. For the last couple years, the need to integrate iPad devices to meet customer demands for faster checkouts has increased significantly.

With the help of iPad POS systems, order can be taken more efficiently, reducing wait time without the need of additional staff.

Tak Matsuba, the manager of Japanese Tea Garden based in San Francisco, had an average of 35 people waiting in line, with a two hours wait time for food. After adopting an iPad POS system, lines were immediately reduced by up to 30-50 percent, depending on the day and the server.

“We have cut the time to take an order in half,” said Tak. “Now, you just sign with your finger.”

Develop Dynamic Menus

Gone are the days of switching between multiple paper menus and spending additional time explaining every option to customers. Instead, enable diners to use tableside tablets to browse each menus and even see photos of every dish.

This is great with helping first-time customers and foreigners in deciphering what is on the menu. It’s also helpful for aiding new staff that may not be familiar with the menu yet.

Take Bones Atlanta, a trendy steakhouse in New York City, for example of how a restaurant is using iPad for ordering. With the various wine options available on the menu, customers can search over 1,350 wines by name, region, varietal and price, making the experience more entertaining and educating.

These systems also allow you to add in more information that will ideally help customers make decisions. For drinks, you can show the photo of a wine bottle and back labels instead of long written description. For food personalization, customers can see the photo of what their changes looks like.

Reduced Order Errors

Upgrading to an iPad POS system can also incredibly reduce order errors and enhance customer satisfaction. Customers find server handheld tablets have improved their dining experience and expect tableside ordering.

Misinterpreted orders due to poor handwriting and mistakenly splitting the bill during rush hours are common errors seen in restaurants. By utilizing handheld POS devices, servers can have printed orders ready at the kitchen prep station, making it easier for the staff to read as well as utilize an automated function to bill diners appropriately.

Final Thoughts

Restaurants with tablet ordering systems and other advanced technologies will continue to bring superior customer service and reduce staff needs in the long run. With the potential to improve efficiency, diversify menus and enhance overall operations, these systems may lead restaurant technology in the near future.

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