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Reliable hardware for secure payment processing.

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Moby 5500

The Ingenico Moby 5500 accepts all card-based payments, including EMV Chip & Sign, EMV Chip & PIN, NFC/contactless and magstripe. With a built-in extended battery, this is capable of hundreds of EMV transactions on a single charge. It is certified for PCI PTS 5.

Payment Cube

With the Mad Mobile Payment Cube, almost all forms of payment can be accepted, whether chip/swipe or contactless payments through NFC and EMV.

  • Speedy checkout – Swipe, chip, tap, or contactless payment, the Payment Cube was built to speed up your transaction times.
  • Accept Contactless Payments – Process all forms of contactless payment, including Apple Pay, and Google Pay.
  • Quick and Secure Transaction Processing – All orders are processed through Mad Mobile Pay merchant processing, with smart chargeback assistant.
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