Mobile Restaurant Solutions

Take tableside orders, accept contactless payments, increase your speed of service, and enhance the guest experience with a mobile POS.

Server with mobilePOS and diners seated at a table

Save Time & Increase Sales With Tableside Ordering

Launch mobile ordering with contactless payment to turn tables faster, streamline operations, and increase staff efficiency. Empower servers to handle more tables and increase average ticket size by 33%, all while reducing labor costs and improving your bottom line.

  • Easily integrates with current POS, including NCR Aloha, Micros Simphony, and other popular systems.
  • Enables seamless connectivity between in-house and mobile devices.
  • Automates critical business operations (pricing, promos, checkout flow).
Customer view of online menu and online ordering, server view of table and menu view
Scan QR Code to pay on your own smartphone device

Let Guests Order & Pay From Their Phone

Mad Mobile’s Dine-In Mobile Ordering solution empowers guests to order and pay on their own device. Enables staff to cover more tables and turn covers faster.

  • Quick, streamlined service with QR code ordering.
  • Safe, secure mobile contactless payments.
  • Creates an open ticket so guests or servers can add items to an existing order.
  • According to a Deloitte survey, 58% of customers prefer to order digitally through a QR code on their mobile device.
  • In the same survey, customers will spend up to 14% more on their check size using a mobile device.

Increase Revenue With Curbside Pickup

Quickly meet customer expectations around ordering convenience with mobile ordering and curbside pickup. Mad Mobile’s curbside solution automates the pickup process to reduce wait times and increase customer satisfaction. A recent Deloitte survey says 70% of customers prefer a “frictionless digital experience.”

  • Automatically send order updates to customers.
  • Runners can view/modify curbside orders.
  • Create a microsite for customers to identify their car and location when they arrive.
  • Allow for two-way text communication.
Server and customer view of curbside pickup screens on smartphone and tablet
Customer in restaurant sitting with coffee

Empower Customers to Order from Anywhere

By using Mad Mobile, customers save time by ordering using their own devices. According to a Deloitte survey, 65% prefer a mobile ordering system.

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