Restaurant Customer Loyalty Program

Gain valuable insights into your customers’ behaviors and use these insights to create marketing campaigns and drive additional business.

Easy Opt-In

Customers can join the loyalty program simply by providing their name and phone number. The Mad Mobile system then activates the loyalty card.

The customer will start earning points based on their transactions.

Easy to Earn

Recognizing your highly valued customers in your loyalty program when they come to dine with you is essential.

Through a configurable rewards platform, whether based on dollars spent, or number of items purchased, restaurants can create a rewards program that keeps customers coming back.

Customers simply provide their loyalty card or phone number and Mad Mobile’s platform logs them in and prints their loyalty information on the bill.

Easy Redemption

One easy-to-manage system allows customers to apply rewards at checkout, in store, or online. The points can be redeemed with a push of a button at checkout.

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