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Mad Mobile Launches Concierge AI with Amazon Bedrock: Personalizing Retail Experiences 

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TAMPA, Fla., January 12, 2024Mad Mobile, a leading provider of retail technology solutions, has announced the launch of Concierge AI, a groundbreaking artificial intelligence (AI) tool powered by Amazon Bedrock designed to empower retail associates and enhance the customer experience. Combining Natural Language Processing (NLP) and predictive and generative AI, Concierge AI will help revolutionize how associates engage with customers, making each interaction more meaningful and impactful. 

Built-in generative AI from Amazon Bedrock upgrades Mad Mobile’s Concierge Mobile POS and Clienteling solution to take personalized shopping experiences to a new level, online and in-store.  

Concierge AI powered by Amazon Bedrock allows associates to: 

  • Enhance customer service - One way to improve customer service is by utilizing natural language processing techniques to uncover valuable customer and product insights. By analyzing customer interactions and online activity, businesses can identify which customers are most active online or searching for a specific product. Store associates can use this information to personalize customer experiences, offer targeted recommendations, and provide proactive support, ultimately improving customer satisfaction and loyalty. Anticipating customer needs, preferences, and intentions enables retail associates to provide a more personalized and efficient service, making customers feel valued and understood. 
  • Personalize outreach – Concierge AI can build a list for outreach and generate a text or email message featuring personalized product suggestions with direct links to purchase online. These links contain tags that attribute each online sale to the proper associate. When a customer approaches an associate in-store and asks, “Can you show me the latest trends in dresses?” the associate can leverage Concierge AI’s natural language querying capability to quickly identify and showcase the newest dress trends and arrivals. Based on the customer’s preferences and style, Concierge AI can provide personalized recommendations, making the shopping experience more tailored and engaging. 
  • Access real-time data - Concierge AI enables associates to provide targeted recommendations, suggest upselling opportunities, and identify potential areas for improvement in the store’s product offerings. By leveraging this data, associates can make informed decisions that improve inventory management, increase sales, and drive overall business. Having data science at the fingertips of store associates helps make them immediate experts for every customer entering the store. 
  • Streamline fulfillment - With Concierge AI, associates can also handle online orders in-store and facilitate fulfillment options such as curbside pickup or home delivery. This feature streamlines the shopping process for customers and enables them to choose their preferred method of receiving their purchases. Analyzing customer preferences and purchasing patterns helps retailers optimize stock levels and reduce waste, also aiding in forecasting future demand to help stores make more informed procurement decisions. 

Customers can engage with Mad Mobile’s solution through store associates or interact directly with a chatbot. Mad Mobile plans to launch a customer-facing digital AI assistant accessible both on kiosks and the retailer’s website. 

This feature supplements the associate during high traffic or when associates are busy with other tasks. Allowing for a seamless and consistent experience across all touchpoints, ensuring that customers always receive personalized assistance. 

The transformation that AI is bringing to the retail industry is undeniable. AI is revolutionizing the retail sector by enabling faster and more intelligent decision-making. A recent study conducted by the IHL Group found that retailers who have embraced artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies are seeing remarkable success. Compared to their competitors, these retailers have achieved an impressive 2.3 times growth in sales and a 2.5 times growth in profits in 2023.¹

According to Christian Beckner, NRF vice president of retail technology and cybersecurity and executive director of the NRF Center for Digital Risk & Innovation, “Retailers use AI to better serve their customers, improve the shopping experience and increase the efficiency of their operations.”² 

Mad Mobile is eager to showcase its new Concierge AI solution at NRF 2024: Retail’s Big Show. 

“Concierge AI is a game-changer for the retail industry. With its advanced natural language querying capabilities driven by Amazon Bedrock and personalized product recommendations, it empowers store associates to deliver unmatched customer experiences in the industry,” Mad Mobile President Greg Schmitzer states. 

Now available for retailers, Mad Mobile’s Concierge AI solution empowers store associates and enhances the customer experience. This tool unlocks new opportunities for data that drives value for associates and shoppers by improving customer service and optimizing inventory management. Its advanced capabilities and integration with Amazon Bedrock will aid in revolutionizing the retail industry and driving business sales.  

Learn more about Concierge AI from Mad Mobile. 

About Mad Mobile 

Mad Mobile is building next-generation digital and mobile experiences for over 21,000 major retail and restaurant locations worldwide. We offer modern point-of-sale solutions and products that elevate every transaction, personalizing the way businesses connect with their customers. Our key clients include Ralph Lauren, Tractor Supply, Aramark, and Texas Roadhouse. To learn more about our products, CAKE and Concierge, visit 


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  1. Retailers That Use AI Enjoy Over 2X Sales Growth and Nearly 3X Profit Growth Compared to Competitors 
  2. NRF Releases Retail Principles for Artificial Intelligence 
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