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Fulfill Customer’s Wants With Wishlists

Reduce shopping cart abandonment and fulfill sales from customers who showed intent to buy.

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Increase Order Frequency with Wishlists

Wishlists are beneficial for the customer experience as it can drive sales, engagement, and retention. When ready to buy an item, customers can then move the item to cart to complete the purchase.

  • Give customers an easy way to remind themselves of a product.
  • Help customers track an out-of-stock or on sale item they want.
  • Measure product interest.
  • Retain customers as leads for similar products.
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Mobile POS showing direct email communication with customer including clienteling and adding buy links

Boost Wishlists Engagement

Wishlists are a powerful tool for brands. Your store can leverage wishlists to boost sales by:

  • Send emails and text messages – Notify customers when wishlist item stock is low, if it returns in stock, if the price drops, and more.
  • Product recommendations – Create personalized product recommendations based on your customer’s wishlist.
  • Targeted messaging – Drive engaged ads to the customer based on their wishlist items.

Win-Win for Brands and Customers

Mad Mobile’s wishlists are key for long-term customer engagement and retention.

  • Encourage repeat visits to your online store.
  • Increase conversion with personalized messaging and recommendations.
  • Drive more revenue with wishlists that create returning traffic with intent to buy.
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