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What’s driving the rapid adoption of restaurant tablets?

The menu. The uniforms. The signage. Over time, they all end up needing an upgrade. But when’s the last time you took a hard look at your restaurant’s outdated ordering process? Daily operations might seem fine but don’t settle for “fine” when “excellent” is right at your fingertips. Tablet ordering systems designed for restaurants can transform your operations.

The problems draining your efficiency are all too familiar:

  • Manual, multi-step tasks from order taking to order entry to payment
  • Outdated tech with poor user experience: does it take your staff several minutes to input an order?
  • Inexperienced staff and steep learning curves: Do they understand the systems on day one?

We don’t want to make it sound like a magic wand, but it’s powerful stuff: If you want to streamline service, make ordering a cinch for staff, and take customer experience to the next level, it’s time to invest in technology that directly improves it all. In the restaurant business, the tool that does it best are tablet POS systems.

43% of operators choose POS systems like tablets for functionality

There are so many ways that tablets enhance restaurant workflows:

  • Place orders instantly: No more rushing back and forth from kitchen to dining room. No more crowding around a stationary kiosk entering complex orders. Servers submit orders the second customers are ready – no lines, no waiting. Faster service means faster table turns and fewer impatient guests checking their watches.
  • Track extras at ease: All modifications and additional requests seamlessly get sent straight to the kitchen. Say goodbye to overlooked details and remade dishes — not to mention lost revenue through constant comps and customers who don’t come back.
  • Facilitate easy payments: Servers and front staff can securely accept credit cards right at the table without the hassle of traditional terminals or clunky mobile units.

Unlike fixed terminals clustered in high-traffic areas, tablets go wherever you need them. This flexibility mirrors the needs of customers today. Diners want convenience and lightning-fast service, not hassle.

Should I switch to restaurant tablets?

Restaurants should consider an investment in tablet POS systems if they deal with the following challenges:

    1. Uneven foot traffic or frequent rush times: Tablets offer flexibility to walk the line and process orders on the spot.
    2. Limited, out-of-date server stations: 70% of POS terminals are 2 years old. Does your staff cluster around the 2–3 monitors waiting in line to enter their hand-written orders? This wasted time adds up. Tablets free them up to fill glasses, engage the customer experience, and help others expedite.
    3. Staff turnover woes or staffing-up crunches: If training new staff is taking up too much time and resources, a restaurant tablet POS system could take the burden off by simplifying complex processes.
    4. Waste and inefficiency: Bars can lose up to 30% of their inventory from spills and unrecorded drinks. Tablet POS systems accurately track orders to help restaurants identify and limit losses. Plus, a clear user interface limits costly mistakes.

Why tablet POS systems alleviate restaurant turnover

82% of restaurant owners said they were facing difficulty with hiring. It’s critical, then, that you make every hire count, and bring them up to speed quickly and efficiently. Transitioning to a new system is never easy, but with tablets designed with the needs restaurant users front-and-center, training is a breeze. Intuitive setup walks users through every necessary feature. Additionally, handheld responsive tablets ensure every tap and swipe registers correctly — no more wasted time spent troubleshooting pesky touchscreen issues.

That means employees can dive into the action feeling confident in the equipment they’re using. Because tablets are portable, multiple staff members can easily share devices without costly one-to-one distribution. Both front and back of house will save so much time and restaurants can operate with newfound coordination.

Before you know it, everything from placing orders to tracking inventory will be smooth and intuitive. It’s a seamless experience for your employees so they can focus on the guests. Happy guests spend more, tell their friends, and come back often. Isn’t that any restaurant’s end goal?

Conquer the dinner rush with faster ordering

Friday nights. Valentine’s Day. Mother’s Day brunch. You know the drill—high traffic events mean all hands on deck. Unfortunately, that also means crowded floors, packed tables, and impatient customers. It’s loud, it’s chaotic, and even your most experienced servers feel the stress.

Rushes put your restaurant’s operations to the ultimate test. But tablets help shoulder the load so your staff stays cool under pressure. Their compact size allows more freedom of movement in crowded dining rooms. And tablets prevent that headache-inducing shouting over shoulders trying to relay orders. Information gets directly to the kitchen instantly, helping your staff coordinate and prioritize in real-time with no surprises or dropped balls.

Plus, flexible payment options let diners close out seamlessly without the long wait for a single stationary terminal. Whether splitting checks or accommodating multiple cards, transactions stay quick and accurate. Despite the controlled frenzy, customers feel prioritized rather than forgotten in the shuffle.

Reduce walkouts with 3X faster service

Ever glance around mid-rush and realize a table that just sat down doesn’t have drinks, menus, or a server checking in? Or catch that exasperated look between couples when appetizers still haven’t arrived 45 minutes in? No one likes to lose money from guest walkouts, but we all know it happens.

Sadly, restaurants lose thousands annually from the fallout of delays and lagging service. But can remove these costly setbacks. Tablets on tables get menus in front of diners right away so they can start deciding on dishes. When used by servers, remove extra legwork and free them to pay closer attention to their sections. Orders reach the kitchen at lightning speed with just a few taps. And all requests, changes, and notes get communicated instantly without confusion.

Don’t leave customers feeling uncertain. Give them peace of mind that their orders are in and the confidence that they’re in great hands.

Details matter: give guests exactly what they want

Succeeding as a restaurant today goes beyond just serving tasty food. It comes down to experience. With rising competition and no shortage of options, diners’ standards have never been higher. After all, it’s much harder to retain loyal patrons now than when your grandparents were running a diner.

Today customers’ satisfaction depends on more than meal quality. They want excellent service, a pleasant atmosphere, reasonable wait times, personalized orders, and correct bills. A true five-star dining experience. The foundation for making this all come together is an ordering platform like CAKE tableside tablets.

CAKE consolidates essential data components so every employee can provide exactly what each table wants, item by item:

  • Labels for allergies and dietary restrictions
  • Notes for customized orders
  • Requests for takeout containers and extra sides

With tablets, servers never drop context when making return trips to their rounds. Eliminate pesky questions like “What salad dressing did you want again?” CAKE remembers it all so you provide seamless, personalized service—for every party, for every dish.

Plus, CAKE’s integrated digital payments suit customers who prefer tapping to swiping, and prefer firing off a quick payment to waiting for someone to come around. This level of flexibility creates a future-proof hospitality experience suited to the times. After all, customer preferences evolve so yours should too!

CAKE helps restaurants serve their best

CAKE’s software was created for restaurants by restaurateurs who recognized existing POS systems just didn’t cut it. Packed onto user-friendly tablets, CAKE gives restaurants the flexibility, security compliance, and real-time inventory management needed to deliver exceptional service today. With perks like:

  • Employee management tools: CAKE centralizes schedules, tasks, and payroll so managers stay coordinated across locations. Now overseeing operations into labor and sales is effortless.
  • Round the clock service and support: The CAKE team always has your back, ready to answer any question at a moment’s notice—24/7/365. That reliability means everything in the nonstop restaurant world.
  • Built-in loyalty programs: CAKE makes it simple to create customized rewards initiatives that keep guests coming back for more. Recurring business is invaluable!
  • Integrated marketing: Send easy email marketing campaigns. CAKE helps restaurants tap into various channels to engage with customers in meaningful ways.

Restaurants that make the switch to CAKE tablets skyrocket efficiency metrics virtually overnight. One restaurant saw a 25% increase in overall revenue – upwards of 50% during peak times! If streamlining is on your mind or you’re searching for your first tablets for restaurant ordering, look no further than CAKE. Order up efficiency and take your establishment to the next level!

Learn more about tableside ordering and schedule a demo today!

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