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The loyal mPOS for pharmacies

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty relations with a hearty amount of appointment, fulfillment, and easy self-checkout capabilities.

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A mobile POS is just what the doctor prescribed

Simplify the transaction process and increase customer satisfaction with a mobile POS system. Enable customers to enjoy several methods of picking up their prescriptions or medical supplies such as:

  • Buy online, pickup in-store (BOPIS)
  • Contactless drive-thru 
  • Home delivery
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Improve customer relationships

Enable chat so a pharmacist can answer a customer’s questions like refills, dosage, or general inquiries to deliver an enhanced customer experience. Give associates access to full customer profiles and essential information including:

  • Contact information, including emergency contacts
  • Prescription refill information
  • Shot records 
  • Average spending information

Create a seamless appointment system

Set appointments for in-store or virtual meetings with your store’s walk-in clinic for annual shots, checkups, or general medical needs. Set schedules to allow time for walk-in patients who need help with non-emergency needs.

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Speed up lines with self-checkout

The Concierge platform modernizes the self-checkout experience. Go beyond the basics with:

  • Split transactions
  • Automatic customer assistant notifications
  • Age verification notifications
  • Associate price management access

Grow your business today

Request a demo from a product expert who can show you how top stores have achieved mobility with their existing systems.

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