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The convenient mPOS for pet stores

Give your associates a mobile POS with assisted selling, appointments, and delivery options to raise customer satisfaction, whether they have two legs or four.

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Speed up lines and service

Bust long lines and reduce wait times with a mPOS that enables associates to instantly check out customers on the sales floor. Connect with your customers in unique ways with digital capabilities to fulfill every pet owner’s needs.

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Give customers a host of options

Self-checkout allows customers to order and purchase online or pay in-store. Increase order frequency and average order value while creating an effortless shopping experience.

Self-checkout can allow for:

  • Split transactions
  • Ability to add tips
  • Automatic customer assistant notifications
  • Associate price management access

Handle online orders in one place

Associates can encourage online sales through text or email and remind customers of sales on items like toys, food, or supplies.

In-store the team member can:

  • Handle order transactions, discounts, and returns
  • Understand customer preferences or the pet’s dietary needs and show relevant products to the customer
  • Provide product features
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Empower associates to set appointments

Pet stores are more than places to buy food and toys; many have in-store services that provide grooming or veterinary services. Give your associates the ability to facilitate appointments for services or training classes and create customer profiles to keep track of your pet store’s loyal customers.

Fulfill orders and delivery with ease

Give customers options like at-home delivery, curbside pickup, or buy online, pickup in-store (BOPIS) for convenience and speed.

With in-store orders, the associate can:

  • Select delivery type of open orders
  • Order large items not sold in-store, but can be purchased online
  • Use the mPOS to complete all orders
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Request a demo from a product expert who can show you how top stores have achieved mobility with their existing systems.

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