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Mad Mobile’s retail management solutions enable the associate to break away from the POS system and devote more attention to the customer.

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Assisted Selling Opens Online & In-Store Sales

Guests can choose how they shop, in-store, online, or through appointments. By offering more ways to connect, associates can send makeup and skincare product recommendations to customers with links to purchase via text, email, or chat.

With virtual appointments, customers can book time, shop with a make-up artist, and get full-service consulting on applications.

The Foundation Of A Memorable Customer Experience

Associates have a 360-degree profile on customers. Beauty team members gain access to purchase history and guest preferences that build relationships, increase the customer experience, and boost sales.

Multiple Forms Of Customer Fulfillment

Your customers need their beauty and cosmetics supplies quickly. Offer them multiple ways of delivery, such as in-store or buy online pickup in-store (BOPIS) option. Delivery options help associates with sales and further build connections with guests.


Retain Returning Customers With Loyalty Programs

Mad Mobile makes it easy to register customers through the checkout process. Keep members informed about what, when, and how many rewards they are earning toward more of your beauty products.

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