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Fast casual restaurant sees 33% higher check sizes with Mad Mobileā€™s tableside ordering

Server helping diners using CAKE tableside


Serving up legendary made-from-scratch food for almost 30 years, this fast casual brand has over 600 locations and is a prominent global restaurant chain. Taking great pride in their service, this restaurant turned to Mad Mobile to utilize our CAKE MenuPad for legacy systems to empower their staff and guests.

Orders placed on mobile on day one causing a table turn of 5 minutes faster
higher average ticket value
Server serving drinks to a table of diners


Their service model needed to adjust by integrating a tableside ordering system to meet the growing needs of todayā€™s restaurant-goers. The team launched CAKE MenuPad to integrate their legacy POS with handheld mobile tablets, enabling the restaurant to provide their staff and guests with a seamless ordering and payment experience at the table.

Since they are also working with a reduced number of staff members due to an industry-wide labor shortage, they needed a solution to maximize staff efficiency, enhance the speed of service, improve revenue, and provide a safe and secure checkout experience for their guests.

Results with tableside ordering

Result 1

Higher check sizes

When the restaurant staff placed orders on mobile devices tableside, they saw that the average ticket value increased by 33% compared to the orders input and processed at the POS. This was due to both faster order entry times as well as increased selling opportunities, like impulse buys, from servers being readily available to help on the floor.

Graph showing 33% increase in AOV using tableside ordering

Result 2

Table turn improvement

In addition to the added convenience of contactless payments at the table for guests, the restaurant has seen servers that use the tableside solution turn tables 5 minutes faster than those who don’t.

diners enter a restaurant

Result 3

On-premise revenue lift

Our MenuPad tableside ordering features allowed the restaurant to provide guests with a modern ordering and payment experience while keeping its legacy POS system. The test showed an average per-seat increase of $2.14 with an average table sales lift of $16.53.

Graph showing additional sales using tableside ordering

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