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Simplify operations, reduce waste, and improve kitchen efficieny.

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The Epson Kitchen Display System (KDS) helps boost the efficiency of busy kitchens with a standard bump bar and larger screen options. This KDS system integrates with CAKE so you can have a KDS anywhere you might have a printer. Each KDS unit ships with a printer that can be turned on for redundant paper chits or left off. The KDS is set up just like any other printer and is configured in both the printers and printer groups setting.

Hardware requirements


  • TM-U220i: the intelligent Epson impact printer.
    • KP1700D: logic controls bump bar, legend D. For use with TM-U220i or KD-IB01 for user input.
    • Widescreen VGA monitor: any monitor which supports 1680×1050 resolution with VGA interface.

      The Epson KDS has a handful of components, some of which are required and some of which are optional. The three core components are:

  • Additionally, you may use the following components:

    • KD-IB01 expansion box: a digital receipt printer that acts as a slave Use this in a multi-station setup.
    • Elo 2202L touchscreen monitor: a 22″ touchscreen monitor to use with TM-U220i or KD-IB01 in place of the KP1700 bump bar.


  • Direct connect: kitchen chits are sent to the single Epson U220-i, and displayed on one screen.
  • Multi-station: kitchen chits are sent to a single Epson U220-i, then routed to two expansion modules. One module can be used by the chef, and the other can be used by the expo.
  • Hard copies of tickets can be sent to any Omnilink printer in the KDS group.
  • Works with printer groups and kitchen redirects.
  • Bump individual items or entire tickets. Once bumped from a display, tickets will be flagged on the expeditor screen (where applicable) for final review and bump.
  • The default screen offers a clear view of up to 10 orders in that system’s queue. Screen options are pre-configured at the time of purchase and are not considered modifiable by the end-user.

Detailed pricing

Epson U-220-I printer – $649

Expansion box – $449

Bump bar – $169

Monitors – $199 (non-touchscreen) or $569 (touchscreen)

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