Full Payment Facilitator Solutions

Mad Mobile has been acting as a payment facilitator (PayFac) for several years offering the service to both in store and online customers.

Our PayFac/Gateway

Mad Mobile’s Payfac has been certified PCI-DSS Compliant ensuring the highest level of security with consumers’ sensitive payment data.

  • Timely settlements and simplified fee payments.
  • Non-card payments like ApplePay and GooglePay for both in store and online.
  • Suspicious and fraudulent identification.
  • Reports for insights into payments and POS data for your restaurant.
  • No hard credit checks.
  • Facilitating the complexity of chargebacks with different card networks.
  • Offline Mode to accept processing when in-store internet service is lost

In 2020, Mad Mobile pushed about $1.8 billion in volume and 54 million transactions.

Integrated Partners

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