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Dine-in mobile ordering with Salesforce

Quickly launch the complete digital end-to-end experience in just weeks.

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Two diners scan QR code on receipt with smartphone
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Dine-in mobile ordering empowers guests to order on their own device. CAKE MenuPad connects Salesforce Commerce Cloud to your restaurant’s POS in real-time, enabling guests to view the menu, order, and pay their tab.
Connected to servers and runners in the restaurant, dine-in mobile ordering enables staff to cover more tables and turn covers faster. Servers can view guest orders in real-time and add to an open check from anywhere.
Due to COVID, many restaurants experimented with mobile ordering solutions that were not fully integrated and did not scale. Our unique solution is connected directly to your POS in the restaurant so all menu, pricing, and item availability data is completely automated. No need to duplicate your menu in another system.

Increase staff efficiency and enhance the
guest experience with mobile ordering

Diner scans QR code menu with smartphone

Empower the customer

Guests can control their dining experience without needing to wait for a server.

Grow your average order value

Self-ordering allows guests to order more, increasing ticket values.

Increase your speed of service

Turn tables faster when guests can pay and checkout on their phone.

Reduce labor costs

Staff is enabled to serve more guests at a time.

The demand for contactless solutions

The pandemic has accelerated the move to mobile ordering and contactless payments.


of guests like the idea of contactless payment options


of guests require contactless payment options


of guests will forego physical menus as a new rule

How it Works Inforgraphic - End-to-end dining experience - Guest Scans QR code to view menu - Guest orders on their device - Server with app is notified of guest order - Order sent to the POS and restaurant system - Server can add items, do voids, refunds & more. Guest, server and POS all in sync. - Guest pays on their own device. Server notified. Check closed at the POS. Mad Mobile and Salesforce.
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Connects commerce cloud mobile ordering directly to the in-store POS and staff

Mobile Ordering App

Requires custom partner app
No solution for servers/runners

 POS adapter is directly integrated into your existing point of sale. Automates your full menu, and all critical business logic, like pricing and promotions

Menu Integration

Must manually duplicate menu and logic on the server
The menu is batch-updated periodically

Yes – provides real-time menu item availability

Item Availability

Not available

Yes – items can be added or modified at any time by the guest or server

Open Ticket

No – must create a new order for every change

Fully automated

Voids & Refunds

No – can only be done manually

Orders can be placed from multiple devices at the same table

Multi-Mobile Order

Not available

Runs in-store and in the cloud for optimal performance


Requires an always-on internet connection to work

Salesforce dine-in mobile ordering

Launch in 6 weeks with the Restaurant Accelerator Program.

Fully integrated

Enable hassle-free dine-in mobile ordering and payments with seamless integration between the guest’s device and your existing POS.

Menu integration

All menu pricing, promos, and item availability information flows and synchronizes automatically in real time from the guest to the server and the POS system – without the need to manually duplicate pricing logic.

Consistent user interface

Enhance the end-to-end usability with a consistent interface from the POS to our server and runner’s app.

Create open ticket

Guest or server can add items to an existing order, eliminating the need to create an additional order.

Easy, quick payment

Take easy and safe contactless payments by allowing the guests to pay from their device.


Take advantage of comprehensive connectivity of the solution with business-critical restaurant technology like KDS, printers, PEDs, and more.

Step up your dine-in experience
in just 6 weeks

Quickly meet changing consumer demands and empower your restaurant with mobile experiences without changing your current POS system.

What is it?

Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Mad Mobile are helping enterprise and mid-market restaurants launch dine-in mobile ordering and payments.

Who’s it for?

Enterprise and mid-market restaurants that want to increase their speed of service, boost average order value, reduce labor costs, and enhance the guest experience.

What’s Included?

Salesforce licenses
  • B2C Commerce Plus – PPO
  • 1-Year Contract
Mad Mobile licenses
  • Mad Mobile platform 
  • Up to 10 stores or 100 devices
  • 1-Year Contract
Bundled with SI – Visionet
  • Site setup, branding, launch 
  • Data loading, configuration, testing 
  • 2 months of managed services 
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