Customers Can Self Checkout With Ease

Faster checkout on mobile.

Effortless Ordering Experience

Using the Mad Mobile Self Checkout platform saves time with easy ordering and purchasing. By offering online ordering, mobile ordering, and kiosk, customers will increase order frequency and value.

Shop From Anywhere

Create a consistent omnichannel experience whether your customer decides to shop in-store with endless aisle (kiosk) or online at home.

Customers in a store can use the large screens to:

  • Browse and interact through video catalog
  • Shop any product and build a cart
  • Request items from back of the store to fitting room
  • Paylink to checkout

Save Time & Increase Order Size

When guests are given the ability to place food orders on their own device, your restaurant’s servers have more time freed up to engage with customers and focus on upsells. Turn tables faster with self-checkout as guests don’t have to wait for servers to return to their table with the check and can pay on their phone.

The platform that enables mobile experiences