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Manage your appointments all in one place

Give your associates the ability to manage appointments, follow-ups, and lists – increasing their overall productivity in-store.

Manager and associate using ipad to help with retail tasks
Associate appointments view on tablet mobile device

Virtual selling by appointment

Associates can sell directly to customers who don’t have time to look around online or go to the store. Virtual Appointments tend to result in a higher cart value and can be used during slower store times to increase sales.

Real-time appointments for easy shopping

By using in-store mobile point of sale technology, a retailer can give detailed customer and product information store associates need at a glance — so that every one-on-one appointment drives revenue and customer loyalty.

Customer and associate looking at apparel
Mad Mobile Associate dashboard listing jewelry customization tools, links to the website, list of appoints

Organizational features

  • Holistic view of all activities by day with filters for “my” vs. store activities.
  • Provide associates and managers the ability to create and manage appointments for themselves or other associates. Including calendar views with work schedules.
  • Provide ability to see the entire store’s scheduled appointments and visibility into appointments scheduled by customers online.
  • Task management.
  • Manage corporate lists of customers for outreach.

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