The Mad Mobile Platform That Speeds Up Service


Enable a mobile POS platform featuring self-checkout, lane assist, and fulfillment options with split transaction technology that can merge data across all channels.

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Self-Checkout That Handles All Transactions

Mad Mobile’s platform can enhance or replace self-checkout kiosks with a connective platform that sets your company up for growth. The platform connects your systems from payment providers to fulfillment and more under one source.

Self-Checkout allows for:

  • Split transactions
  • WIC and EBT Cards
  • Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Cash, Debit, and Credit Cards

Deliver Information Across The Aisles

Use mobile devices to help customers and associates get the information they need in any aisle, department, or checkout line. 

  • Provide food information to the customer. 
  • Where foods are located in the store
  • If the store is out of an item, it can be looked up in other store locations or online. 

All this information can be available to customers and your in-store associates through kiosks, phones and tablets.

Mobile Alerts For Store Associates

The lane assist mobile application alerts associates remotely on their devices when customers need assistance in the self-checkout lanes.

These alerts can be an age verification needed for alcohol or behind-the-counter medication, credit card issue, or price checks.

Satisfy Customers With Fulfillment and Curbside Pickup

Conveniently enable customers to order their entire shopping cart at one time and schedule a delivery or pick up time.

Associates can inform customers through text or chat letting guests know if a grocery item is out of stock, substitution, or when their order is ready to be picked up or en route for delivery.

The platform that enables mobile experiences