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Streamline Your Time Reporting and Team Scheduling

Restaurant management simplified to make your job easier.

Manager with tablet in hand holds meeting with serving staff

Manage Staff Scheduling and Labor Costs

The management tools you need to add new employees, change job roles, view labor costs, and set new permissions.

By collecting clock-in and clock-out data from the point of sale into a report, you will be able to easily figure out potential staffing issues such as overtime and adjust accordingly.

Restaurant cooks and chef talk with front of house employee in kitchen
Manager looks at employee scheduling view on tablet

Employee Management & Payroll

Get an in-depth labor cost reports and see staff tips and cash-in/out information. You can export a report with your employee’s timesheet details, making payroll reporting easier.

  • Labor Cost Reporting – Run payroll reports directly on the POS.
  • Sales vs. Labor Cost – Make informed staffing decisions that can increase profits.
  • Quick Clock-in/out reports at a glance.
  • Schedule employees with integrations like 7shifts.
  • Email timesheets to yourself or payroll manager. 

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