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Efficiently Seat Diners with Table Management Software

Leave the laminated sheet & markers behind. Manage your floor map accurately and intelligently, even when you’re not on a wait.


Table Management Just Became a Piece of Cake

Are guests showing up at your door and placing their names on the waitlist, only to no-show and costing you sales? Stop losing guests because of inaccurate wait times. With our table management software, you can leave your laminated sheets and markers behind.

Create your custom floor map right on your iPad. Then, you can efficiently manage which server gets the next table, while having an accurate table status to know what is going on in your front of house. From the data that is collected, you will be able to accurately give wait times and essentially increase your sales from no-shows.

Optimize Operations

Seat parties to a table directly or from your waitlist. Pre-configure server sections and spread guests out evenly to keep staff happy.

Increase Table Turns

Use the custom table-status indicator and table timer to share information across the front of house team to know when a table is ready.

Raise Revenue

Provide accurate wait-times for patrons and text them when they are ready to be seated to provide a better guest experience.


Build Your Own Floor Map

Mad Mobile’s restaurant table management software enables users to build and develop floor maps based on their needs, with features such as:

Floormap on reservation and waitlist platform
  • Quickly build your own custom floor map directly on your iPad and easily toggle between different layouts for multiple floors and inside/outside seating.
  • Choose from a variety of table types and sizes to match the exact layout of your restaurant and equip your staff with table management visualizations.
  • Assign multiple server sections with a single tap, while creating multiple pre-set service charts for lunch and dinner services to increase efficiency.

Keep Tabs of Your Servers

‘Next Up’ Algorithm

When running the floor, your host could be overwhelmed in choosing which servers get a particular guest tonight. With our ‘Next Up’ algorithm, you can take the guess-work out of seating your customers.

Multiple Server Sections

Does your layout for your servers change between your lunch and dinner services? Not to worry, you can easily switch between section layouts and assign multiple server sections to your floor map.

Server Stats

Best of all, you can track covers and parties seated to measure your server’s performance by getting a detailed breakdown of activities over time in emailed reports. This way you can help improve your guest satisfaction and praise your staff for a job well done.


Increase Table Turns

Our table manager app increases table turns in every shift, keeping customers happy and boosting your bottom line. This top-of-the-line table management software improves operations in every room of your restaurant.

Waitlist and reservation view on tablet

Front of House Team Management

Communicating is hard enough when the atmosphere is not vibrant and full. Between the servers and hosts, how would your staff know when a table becomes available for seating?

With our table management software, your front-of-house team has the ability to coordinate between multiple iPads, which allows your servers to multitask by updating table statuses while walking, so your host knows how to manage the waitlist and give accurate wait-times.


Know What’s Going On


How Guest Manager Can Help Your Business Grow

Product Overview

Waitlist management for restaurants – one app to seat more guests.


Quick and easy to learn waitlist management solution.


Bring online reservations to your restaurant at no extra cost.

Point of Sale

Get real-time updates on your Point of Sale to keep everyone up to date.

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