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Tableside Ordering and Payments

Enhance your current POS without ripping and replacing

Accelerated your speed of service while allowing servers more time to engage with guests with table side ordering. Take orders and payments on the go and drive up to a 35% profit increase.

Effortless Integration With Your Current POS

Mobile Interface to mimic POS system

Staff adoption with little to no training

Automate your full menu, pricing, and promotion

Take Orders and payments from anywhere in your restaurant with handheld tablets.
Easy QR code ordering for guests to scan and order as they please.
Contactless payments via guests’ devices through Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Maximize Your Profit of Sale

Waitlist and Reservations
Accept reservations directly from Google Search. Allow guests to get in line virtually.

Online Ordering
Fully integrated into your POS. Custom branding and food imagery.

Curbside Management
Assign parking spots or order numbers to waiting parties. Message your customers directly through text.

Offer Multiple Ways to Pay

Mad Mobile provides owners with multiple ways to pay, both online and in-store using all methods of payment including credit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

Offline mode for payments processing
Keep your restaurant working even when the internet isn’t.

Highest payment security
Mad Mobile is PCI DSS certified ensuring your customer’s payment data is always secure.

Contactless Pay
Guest pay on their own device reducing checkout times by 50%.

Grow Your Business Today

Request a demo from a product expert who can show you how top restaurants have achieved mobility with their existing systems.

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