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From happy hour to last call, Mad Mobile offers all of the great features you need to run a successful bar or brewery.

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Bar & Breweries

Should say See why the world’s most forward-thinking bars and breweries trust Mad Mobile.

Raise The Bar With Speed Screens

Reduce the number of taps it takes to get the job done. Bartenders can see their open checks, quick cash buttons, and menus all on a single screen for fast and efficient bar service.

  • Simple Splitting – Easily split up checks and move around items between tabs with just a tap and drop.
  • Order Queue – Track every order with order queue to access all your open tickets and maximize efficiency.
  • All-In-One Screen – Streamline the ordering process. Now you can place, edit, and cash out an order all on one screen.


Swipe a customer’s card to open a check, then return the card to the customer to avoid any security concerns. Pre-authorizing the card is more convenient for the customer and speeds up service to keep up with the rush.

Let Guests Order & Pay From Their Phone

With our Dine-In Mobile Ordering solution guests can reorder a beer or an appetizer and pay on their own phone. Enable quick, streamlined orders with QR codes and let your bartenders focus on guests at the bar.

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Restaurant Dashboards & Reports

Easy Menu Updates and Reporting

You can easily add or remove items from your menus at home, or on your point of sale. Kegs tapped? Quickly 86 an item directly on the POS to prevent anyone from ordering it.

Want to know which apps or drinks are your best sellers? Get instant reports and restaurant performance metrics to understand exactly what your customers prefer and grow your business.

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