Steamline your process with QR codes

Quick-response (QR) codes are a quick, touchless process that engages with customers from the start of the journey to the final purchase. Mad Mobile’s platform allows instant access to menus, product catalogs, loyalty programs, and self-checkout options.

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Diner scans QR code menu with smartphone

Order On Your Own Device

Mad Mobile connects Salesforce Commerce Cloud to your restaurant’s POS in real time, enabling guests to scan the QR code, view the menu, order, and pay their tab all on their devices.

Empower the Customer
Guests control their dining experience without needing to wait for a server.

Grow Your Average Order Value
Self-ordering allows guests to order more, increasing ticket values.

Increase Your Speed of Service
Turn tables faster when guests can pay and checkout on their devices.

Reduce Labor Costs
Enables staff to serve more guests.

Diner scanning receipt with smartphone
Phone scanning QR code

Scan And Pay

Paying can be easy and fast through tableside scanning of a QR code. This empowers customers with a contactless payment option. When ready, guests can use their own device without having to wait for a server to bring the bill, run to the POS, and return the receipt to complete the transaction.

Transfer Omnichannel Shopping Carts By QR Code

Mad Mobile’s solution can display a QR code on point-of-sale kiosks and digital signage kiosks.

The QR code allows:

Customers To Pay On Their Own Device
Completely contactless transactions provide the retailer with another point of sale that reduces lines at checkout.

For Use At Self-Checkout Lanes
When a customer selects items they would like to purchase, the kiosk displays a QR code the customer can use in the self-checkout lane.

Large digital interactive screen in retail location showing QR code

The platform that enables mobile experiences