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Streamline Your Bar POS System

Equip your staff with a simple and intuitive Bar POS made specifically to help increase efficiency and streamline your operations during a busy night.

Faster Service

Update tickets faster than ever with Speed Screens. There’s no need to tap through every window; now you can manage multiple orders all at the same time.

Secure Checkout

Swipe guests’ cards at the beginning of the meal to pre-authorize payment. With their info securely saved, you can return the card quickly and easily.

Simple Splitting

Splitting checks and items does not have to be stressful. Split up to 20 checks on one order and simply move items by tapping and dropping to different checks.


Raise the Bar with Speed Screens

Our Bar POS System was created with bartenders in mind. Place, edit, and cash out quicker than ever before with Speed Screens.

  • Multi-Task
    Save time and keep your customers happy. Now you can place, edit, and cash out an order all on one screen.
  • Track Every Order
    Use the order queue to access all open tickets at the bar through one window. Search for and review orders as they come in to maximize efficiency.

Pre-Authorization for Credit Cards

Swipe and return credit cards when customers order. Keep your data secure and streamline the process for guests.

  • Pre-Authorize
    Bartenders move faster by pre-authorizing credit cards at the beginning of the meal.
  • Reduce Walk-Outs
    By pre-authorizing bar tabs, you’ll reduce the risk of unpaid bar tabs at closing time
  • Keep Credit Card Data Secure
    Save the data you need and return their cards immediately. A guest’s peace of mind is worth even more than the price of their order.

Accommodate Larger Parties with Check Splits

Enhanced check splitting makes it easy for servers to accommodate large parties. Focus on great customer service, not complex mathematics.

  • Simplified Check Splits
    Splitting an appetizer is easy – splitting checks should be, too. Now servers can keep up with guests’ needs, no trigonometry required.

Best in Class Bar POS System

Speed Screens

Live in one screen during the entire service.

24/7 Support

Get the help you need, when you need it.

Cloud Based

All information is securely stored in the cloud.

Menu Admin

Adjust your menu and prices from anywhere.


Swipe a guests’ card and return it to them immediately to open a tab.


View your reports from anywhere, anytime.

Integrated Apps

Powerful 3rd party integrations to help run your business.

Offline Mode

Take orders and payments even if your internet is down.

Grow Your Business Today

Request a demo from a product expert who can show you how our All-in-one POS can help your restaurant.

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